Powerful Video Will Make You Rethink How Hard You Are On Yourself


No matter how confident we are, we're always our own harshest critics.

Dove France wants to change that.

To show women how harmful our hateful inner speech can be, the company created the #OneBeautifulThought campaign.

They first asked women to share their innermost thoughts about their bodies. Then, these same thoughts -- all critiques -- were spoken by one actress to another as if they were in casual conversation.

Hearing the insults from another person helped the women realize how painful these self-depreciating thoughts really are.

The hope is that in shining a light on how harmful this inner negativity is, women will instead learn to celebrate themselves, flaws and all.

Support the campaign by sharing #OneBeautifulThought about yourself on social media -- or better yet, share several.

It's time to make a change.

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