Nearly 50 Percent Of People Would Leave Their Spouses If They Found 'The One'

by Elite Daily Staff

Is finding your ‘true love’ a thing of the past? A new study found that one in seven adults is in a relationship with someone who isn’t the love of their life. And if you think this couldn’t be you, then think back to ‘the one who got away.’ The same research found that 73% of people settle for their current partner, but believe that their ‘real love’ slipped through their fingers. Makes you wonder who your partner is really thinking about in the bedroom…

A mere 17% of participating adults are currently with the love of their life since meeting their eventual long-term partner, which makes it very likely that the man next whom you call “boyfriend” really thinks of you as 'second best.' Maybe Robert DeNiro in “Meet the Parents” wasn’t so crazy when he administered the polygraph test to Ben Stiller.

Or, maybe you are the one who’s having second thoughts. Have you ever felt like you ‘chose’ the person? A quarter of adults have admitted to being in love with two people at once – just ask the recent contestant on ABC’s "The Bachelor." Falling in love and monogamy no longer go hand-in-hand.

What’s more interesting? Men are seemingly more loyal to their partners, as 37% said they would stay in the relationship for their partner’s sake. No offense, guys, but do us a solid and just break up with us if you’re that unhappy. Don’t do us any favors by continuing to be miserable and eventually cheating. And considering that only 17% of us are in love with our significant others anyway, chances are you won’t be breaking any hearts.

So, how long does it take for us to know if he’s right? 60% of participants believe it takes ten weeks to know if someone has the potential. (Although, pop culture tells us that after years of dating, you can really think someone is perfect for you, but then he ends up being a lying, cheating, scumbag, in which case this statistic is pure bull). Unless the dude has been properly vetted and finger-printed, it will probably take closer to six months.

Call us old fashioned, but we like to believe that if the two of you agree to spend the rest of your lives together, then you will lead a long and merry life. And, encouragingly, even if you’re not with “The One,” that still might be the case. A spokesperson for the study revealed, “Although many of the adults polled said they weren’t with their true love, the majority claimed to be in head over heels with their current partner.”

There you have it: find someone that you can at least be happy with while you’re searching for the one whom you truly love.

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