When England Loses In The World Cup, British Women Have Much More To Fear (Video)

This is seriously messed up.

I can't tell if this is supposed to be a "joke" or a seriously sad and disturbing reality, but one commercial depicts why British women wanted England to win the World Cup.

And it's not because the females are just huge soccer fans; apparently the occurrence of domestic violence increases dramatically following losses from the country's soccer team.

If these stats — purporting that domestic violence increases by 38 percent when England gets knocked out of the World Cup — are true, then it seems like the English national team should come out and make some sort of a statement. It's only soccer, people.

There's obviously never a justified reason for inflicting violence against someone you claim to love, but this correlation seems especially stupid.

While this video might highlight a real and important issue, its producer, Tender Education and Arts, should have focused its airtime less on creating a commercial-esque clip, and more on adding useful information like a PSA should contain.