Recruitment Dictionary: 11 Questions Girls Get Asked During Rush And What They Really Mean

by Ashley Fern

Rush is a pretty ridiculous process in and of itself, and one you don't truly realize until after you have personally gone through the process.

As the experience of a rushee and a rusher are quite different, you can't fully grasp the entire concept until you get to take part in both sides.

Even though the conversations you'll exchange with girls in this process can actually be deep and genuine, it's rarely the case -- so you should remember to take things at face value.

But even though you're not sure whom to trust, there is one thing you and your rusher will definitely be thinking: IS IT OVER YET? Unfortunately, when you reach this point, you're typically only halfway through the rigorous process.

The only way to pass the time while making awkward chit-chat is to ask the following questions. But nothing is as it seems -- especially when it comes to sororities. So, what are the humorous alternate meanings of those very obvious questions? Well...

What's your major?

Why it's asked: Because what else are you going to ask an incoming freshman?

The only acceptable answer(s): Anything that would benefit the rest of the chapter's test bank.

The worst answer you could get: I'm technically a sophomore because I have so many AP credits racked up.

...Great; make my hungover ass feel even worse.

Where are you from?

Why it's asked: So you can take the conversation past the boring exchange and get right to the important stuff: whether or not you have any mutual friends.

The only acceptable answer(s): New York, New Jersey, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania and California.

The worst answer you could get: Guam.

...So, um, why would you go to school here?

Do you have a boyfriend?

Why it's asked: To determine if this person is sane enough to realize what's working for her freshman year probably won't last too long.

The only acceptable answer(s): I guess.

The worst answer you could get: Yes, but he goes to another university.

...HA! Good luck making that work; I give it a month. 

What's your favorite frat?

Why it's asked: To see if you or any of your freshman friends have hung out with our friend's or our boyfriends/friends-with-benefits.

The only acceptable answer(s): A) I don't know what a frat is or B) Throw out a good -- not great -- frat name.

The worst answer you could get: Her new guy BFF is actually the boy you're interested in.

...Is the song "Younger, Harder, Faster, Stronger"? Because it should be. 

Do you like philanthropy?

Why it's asked: It's a lot easier to get girls to agree to mandatory events if they claimed to have liked them initially (even if they're lying).

The only acceptable answer(s): Who doesn't?

The worst answer you could get: What's philanthropy?

...Let's just cut this girl right now.

Do you have season football tickets?

Why it's asked: Because I don't, and if you pledge here I will most definitely be taking them from you. Yes, this includes the homecoming game.

The only acceptable answer(s): Yes, of course my family bought them for me as a graduation present.

The worst answer you could get: This school has a football team?

...What kind of parent doesn't get their freshman child football tickets?

Do you have a car? Or at least a license?

Why it's asked: Because, as a pledge, you have the potential to be my honorary chauffeur because on-campus parking is a bitch.

The only acceptable answer(s): I actually have a truck that your entire pledge class can fit in.

The worst answer you could get: My license was suspended because I got an underage drinking citation last week.

...If you crash my car while I force you to drive places, you are entirely 100 percent responsible for the damage. I also expect you to clean it if I throw up while being driven home from a night out. 

Do you have an Adderall prescription?

Why it's asked: Because I'm sick of shelling money to frat boys when I can just force you to give me yours for free.

The only acceptable answer(s): A) Yes; B) No, but I know where to get one.

The worst answer you could get: What's Adderall?

...Must take advantage before these youngins figure out the supply vs. demand. 

Do you have a meal plan?

Why it's asked: Because I live off campus and refuse to pay for on-campus food.

The only acceptable answer(s): Yes, my parents got me the highest level!

The worst answer you could get: I'm on a special Gluten-free program.

...I hope you know that half of your meal plan is for you and the other half is for us...

What size shoe are you?

Why it's asked: The best part about living with 50+ other girls is that their wardrobes become your wardrobe.

The only acceptable answer(s): 7 1/2 or 8.

The worst answer you could get: 5 or 6.

...And you can't complain if I f*ck them up!

Do you have any food allergies?

Why it's asked: One word: hazing.

The only acceptable answer(s): I'm not allergic to anything!

The worst answer you could get: I'm a vegan.

...I hope you like the taste of mayonnaise. 

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr