Lifestyle — Why Women Don't Care If You Like The 'Natural Look'
by Kelley Lord

There are so many reasons why I DGAF if you like whether or not I wear makeup.

That's the equivalent of entertaining a conversation about me wearing mom jeans. I like how they look on me, and they make me feel good, so your opinion is irrelevant.

When guys talk about how they prefer "the natural look" (a look with no makeup at all) on me, my eyes roll so far back in my head, I can see my brain pulsating with frustration.

While there are so many reasons this topic shouldn't matter at all, I've managed to boil it down to just three.

Here's why my makeup should only be my concern:

No one asked you.

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Women don't wear overalls for you, they don't wear chokers for you and they certainly don't wear highlighter for you.

We need to stop putting out articles and videos about what will make women more appealing to men. It creates the same false picture of romance and happily ever after that Disney movies did when we were children.

It's like going to a Rihanna concert just to say you hate pop music. If I could use the clap emoji, I'd use it to simply ask, "Why. Are. You. Here. Then?"

The "natural look" for guys is usually the farthest thing from natural.

When you double tap on a girl's morning-dew-glimmering look from bed, you are not liking a "just rolled out of bed" look.

Those eyebrows didn't draw themselves on, and those cheekbones didn't just reflect the sunlight on their own.

And don't even get me started on your celebrity crushes and how they look. Any celebrity you see in the movies is obviously going to look like the epitome of "natural" beauty. But no one sees the hours of work that go into creating that "natural" look.

If I had a makeup and hair crew, I'd look like a movie star, too.

We are all naturally beautiful.

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It's not a compliment when you tell a girl she looks better without makeup.

Tell her she looks beautiful whenever you look at her. I guarantee if you're really into her, you'd have thought she was beautiful whether she was getting ready for a glam night out with her friends or vegging out with Netflix on a Sunday.

By critiquing her looks, you're essentially shaming her and making her feel so much more self-conscious.

I can tell you first hand that no guy loves kissing my lips lathered in dark maroon lipstick.

But unfortunately, that's too bad for them.

I like how it looks on me, and if a guy wants to lay one on me, he'll just have to accept that.