This Site Lets You Design Your Own Wedding Dress And Try It On At Home

by Candice Jalili

Remember that Barbie game where you could design your dream wedding dress? WELL, IT'S REAL LIFE NOW.

A new e-commerce site launched yesterday, called Floravere, is here to make all of your wedding dress dreams come true. The site lets you custom design your own wedding dress, and then, it's shipped to you to try on in the comfort of your own home.


So how does it all work? Well, let me break it down for you.

You get to pick from seven dress silhouettes, each named after one of your favorite female characters.

There's the J. Capulet, named after Juliet from "Romeo and Juliet"; the A. Hall, named after Annie from "Annie Hall"; the R. Gilmore for Rory Gilmore in "Gilmore Girls"; the H. Golightly, named after Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's"; the E. Bennet for Elizabeth Bennet in "Pride and Prejudice" and the S. O'Hara for Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind."

And then, there's the F. Daza, named after Fermina Daza in "Love in the Time of Cholera," which might be a little more obscure, but it's still a cute dress.


You can pick up to three of your favorite silhouettes to be shipped to your house. Then, you choose a size — XS/S or M/L (the real dresses range from size 0 to 12) — and only pay $45.

And the best part? If you end up buying one of the site's already-affordable, under-$4,000 dresses, the $45 you spent on the try-on goes toward that price.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty lazy, so the whole "trying it on in my room without even having to put real clothes on to leave the house" thing might be my personal favorite aspect of this whole deal.


Once you receive the samples in the mail and pick your favorite, you send all the samples back and start on the customization process for the one you chose. That's when you can decide whether you want to add straps or sleeves, a longer train or even crystal details.

And if you're still at a loss for your "something blue," Floravere gives you the option of an embroidered, blue monogram of your initials.


But don't wait until a week before your wedding to start this whole process. The gowns do take a while to make and get over to you — three to four months, to be exact.

Still, that's shorter than the amount of time it takes to get your custom gown in from a fancy bridal shop.

I am happily un-engaged and have no desire to be anytime soon, but to be honest, I kind of want to make my own Floravere dress for the fun of it...

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