In Defense Of The Bitchy Resting Face, As Told By 'Clueless'

by Elite Daily Staff

“Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good!”...even if it’s coming from your bitchy resting face.

Cher Horowitz, our favorite voice of reason, not only introduced us to the BRF, but she also taught us how to defend it.

Lately, the natural facial expression has gotten a lot of backlash from offended bystanders and creepy random men who prefer that you smile more. But, guess what? Despite our obvious grimaces, we don’t hate you.

There’s nothing wrong with a little pout. Just ask the Olsen twins or Kristen Stewart who all have actually made the bitchy resting face their signature look, and we still love them regardless.

Cher, however, is the OG of BRF. As the self-proclaimed most popular girl in her grade, Cher was able to make friends even with her highly-intimidating mouth.

And for a woman whose personal motto is “as-if,” her BRF seems to fit in nicely. It’s not a thing, it’s who she is.

Having a BRF doesn’t mean you’ll be picked last. Rather, it’s the opposite. You will be the one doing the picking.

Remember that classic gym scene in “Clueless?” Cher’s standing up on the wall, throwing her non-bitchy bitchy resting face around like it’s another shopping bag and establishing herself as first-pick.

Don’t be fooled. That face is a full-on Monet.

When Tai finally comes into the frame, Cher welcomes her into the clique, and Tai gratefully accepts the offer.

Thus, BRF does not preclude you from being a well-liked leader, it actually helps establish you as one. You get to choose who your friends are, instead of the other way around.

We shouldn't be so quick to judge women (and men!) with BRF.

Cher, for instance, was a kind-hearted person who had an impressive SAT-laden vocabulary and welcoming disposition, despite her harsh facial expression that suggested otherwise.

She's just thinking here people! No need to flip out like you can't find your white collarless shirt from Fred Segal.

As evidenced by Cher's busy social life, bitchy resting face does not mean a lifetime of quiet intimidation. You can be a virgin who can't drive and still successfully navigate the social ranks of a Beverly Hills High School.

You can even tip-toe the incest lines and make out with your ex-step-brother and people will cheer for you.

There's a whole world available to those with bitchy resting faces and that's largely because Cher makes it okay to have one.

Photos Courtesy: Clueless