Daughter Helps Mother Lose Weight By Writing Motivational Notes For Her

One daughter helped her dangerously-overweight mother shed the extra pounds through sweet, simple letters, and a devised "hug test."

When Genese Ackroyd starting experiencing stroke-like symptoms due to a drastic weight gain, 10-year-old daughter Amelia provided the inspiration she really needed to get healthy.

In addition to writing her notes with lines like "I know you can come on mum," Amelia and her mother established the "hug test," which required Genese to lose enough weight so that Amelia could wrap her arms entirely around her mother.

"It upset Amelia that I wasn’t like all the other mums, that she couldn't get her arms around me and give me a cuddle."

With the encouragement of her young daughter, Genese drastically changed her diet and joined a weight loss club. Within the first month of making  these life changes, Genese lost 11 pounds.

She has since continued slimming down, and now even Amelia has achieved her goal of being able to fully hug her mother.

H/T: U.K. Metro, Photo Courtesy: Medavia