Daddy's Girl: The 27 Signs Your Father Is The Best Man In Your Life

by Lauren Martin

I’m gonna try not to make this corny, because our fathers wouldn’t want it that way. However, I know we all have that corny side and sometimes that’s just one of the advantages of living during the golden age of lists.

So this one is for all the women who can call themselves a “daddy’s girl,” and I don’t mean “daddy’s girl” in the southern Jersey accent kind of way, but in the solemn, sophisticated way. I don’t mean it for the girls who take their dad’s credit cards and use their relationship to swindle Fendi bags and expensive dinners. I mean it for the women who truly call their fathers their best friends.

There was always something special about spending time with our dads. He was the man who wasn’t around as much, for some of us at least. We relished our time with him the way you would a celebrity, and everything he said was worthy of putting down on scroll. He was our hero, our idol and our favorite person. We would do just about anything with him, even if it meant running errands around town or just watching the game on his lap.

He’s the one you talk to when your mom is mad for the hundredth time that week. He’s the one who would sneak you ice cream cones and candy whenever you went to the grocery store. He’s the one who wouldn’t care if you ate pizza for dinner, and whenever mom was away, you could order as much dirty Chinese food as you pleased. He let you rent movies that weren’t PG and didn’t care if you stayed up late.

He always took you cool places, maybe the zoo or the roller rink. He always knew of fun things to do and always had some neat trick. He never treated you like a kid and always made you feel special. He took you to grown-up places and had adult conversations with you. He always had great ideas and never got lost. You could spend hours with him and longed for your one-on-one time.

Of course, every parent is different and this is not to discredit mothers, by any means; they are the f*cking best. However, there will always be a different relationship with each of our parents. This is the type of relationship that is as sacred and respected as the bond between mother and daughter. This is simply to give some love for the dads who are our best friends. Here are the 27 signs your dad is your best friend:

You have the same taste in movies and can’t help but quote the lines together.

You always take each other's side.

You have more jokes together than you do with any of your best friends.

He’s the one person you can truly goof around with.

You don’t mind doing chores with him, even if it means picking up sticks in the yard to be around him.

You have the same taste in food.

He loves all your friends and your friends love him.

You could road trip with him anywhere.

You trust him to give you an honest opinion on everything.

He’s your favorite traveling partner.

You took your first shot with him.

You call him when you’ve had a bad day.

He always has really good advice about obscure things.

He always makes you feel better about yourself when everything’s falling apart.

You support his team just because it’s his.

You call him when you’re excited or have good news.

The entirety of your wardrobe as a child was taken from his closet.

He calls you the son he never had, and your brother hates it.

He found out you were smoking and lit one up with you.

He visits you in college and takes you to the bars.

You know he’s always going to buy you chocolate on Valentine's Day.

You send each other joke emails.

You know he’ll always be there if you need his help (especially with rent).

You call him when you have a great idea about something.

Your favorite music is his favorite band from when he was young.

You go to concerts together.

You don’t like the idea of living far away from him.

You compare every guy you meet to him.

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