Why 'Crazy' In A Woman Is A F*cking Good Thing

by Lauren Martin

Are you with a woman who scares the sh*t out of you? Are you with a girl strong enough to speak her mind and stand up for her beliefs? Are you dating someone who surprises you every day?

Then you’re probably with a crazy girl.

Crazy girlget a bad rap. They’re the eccentrics. They have personality pouring out of their ears and toes. They’re the wild and unstoppable ones who begin every day with a new mood, a new feeling and a new thirst for life.

They’re the ones who always laugh a little too loud and a little too long and sometimes annoy you because they constantly change their minds. They stand in opposition to Plain Janes.

They’re the ones you love to chat with at parties and talk about after they've left. They’re the ones with the reputations and the stories. They’re the ones everyone loves to admire and gossip about later.

In today’s cruel, judgmental world, anyone with a bit of personality get a label. For women with a certain spark, that label is "crazy."

But if you're not crazy, what are you? Normal? Lame? Boring? If a woman who speaks her mind and loves to enjoy herself is "crazy," then what’s normal?

So what does "crazy" really mean? Enthusiastic? Imaginative? Outlandish? Are these things bad? Are these things lesser? Are these things really worse than boring or normal?

It means she’s alive.

If being excited and passionate makes you crazy, you should call these women insane.

There’s too much death around us already -- too many dead personalities, lifeless bodies and resting souls -- that when you meet a woman who hasn’t resigned herself to being perpetually bored and miserable, it can be a shock to your system.

A crazy woman just wants to live in the moment and express her feelings.

It means she’s bold enough to be herself.

She’s tired of pretending she doesn’t care. She cares about everything. She cares about the small bird outside her window, the dog that passed her on the sidewalk yesterday and the girl sitting next to her at work.

She’s intrigued, worried and in love with everything and everyone. She can’t help but be interested in everything. She's happy to say that she wants to learn as much as she knows.

She’s not scared to tell people who she is and give them an all-access pass to her life. She’s not afraid to be herself and let everyone else see her as she is. And that person is NOT some stuck-up, closed off version everyone else tries so hard to be.

It means she’s not afraid to dream.

She doesn’t care what people think of her, so she definitely doesn’t care about the opinions people have about their dreams. She’s not scared to put herself out there and tell people what she wants -- or rather, expects -- from life.

She’s not scared to make goals that other people would call impossible. She's not scared to have ideas that people would think are outlandish. She’s strong enough to take your criticism and listen to the plain girls snicker at her.

She knows they'd rather watch her than do anything substantial of their own.

It means she knows how to love.

Everyone’s so goddamn unaffected these days. Everyone’s so scared of showing any kind of emotion. Everyone’s so blasé about everything. A crazy woman doesn’t want a blasé life.

She’ll show you emotion even if everyone else won’t. She’ll gush over a beautiful painting, admire your craftsmanship and show that she feels something for the art in front of her.

She knows how to live; therefore, she knows how to love. She’s not scared to throw her heart into things and let you know she loves you.

It means she has depth.

People today are all about living on the surface. They're so involved with the version of themselves they're trying so hard to be. A crazy woman isn't trying to fool you or intimidate you; she's just trying to be real with you.

She sees encounters with people as chances to learn and grow. She'll bare her soul if she's comfortable with you. When you talk to her, you'll feel like you're diving into a deep ocean that keeps offering new depths and avenues to explore.

You'll have this weird feeling about her. You'll become obsessed with getting her attention and walk away feeling invigorated and excited. You'll end up thinking about her all night and becoming sad when you realize that this is the only person you've seen today who's been real with you.

She's a breath of fresh air in an otherwise shallow pond of bullsh*t.