The Crazy Thoughts Every Single Girl Has When Her Friend Gets Engaged (Video)

Everyone knows that feeling. You know the one: The one where you open your Facebook, scroll innocently through your feed and come across that engagement photo of your kinda-sorta best friend.

And if we're being real here, it's not all “I'm soooo happy for you” statements and cheery bridal showers. Seeing your old-school bestie -- yeah, the one who once drunkenly peed on the floor of the bar -- getting engaged really makes us think, how the f*ck did this happen?

Will you make the cut as a bridesmaid? Is there such a thing as true love anymore? Will you be the last girl on the planet to ever score a rock? Are you there, God?

Put back the Pinterest board. We've been there. Here are the stages every girl goes through when her friend gets engaged.

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