The 5 Craziest Things That Happened During NYFW Had Nothing To Do With Clothes

When your average stroll through New York City feels like a fashion show in and of itself, you can rest assured that New York Fashion Week's designers have their work cut out for them when it comes to turning heads.

This fashion week was no exception. Designers and celebrities pulled out all the stops to get our attention. The most surprising part, though? The jaw-dropping moments had nothing to do with the clothes.

Here are the top five most surprising things that happened at Spring 2015 New York Fashion Week:

1) Fashion's Brave New World:

Fashion embraced futurism in some pretty surprising new ways on last week's runways.

Ralph Lauren, usually the stalwart of heritage and tradition, produced the Spring 2015 Polo line runway show in holographic 4D.

Using a water screen projection set up in Central Park, New York City landscapes were thrust into the sky, only to quickly eviscerate what can be described as a kind of "Hunger Games" dome-like effect.

Rebecca Minkoff came out with wearable tech, and Marc Jacobs partnered with Beats by Dre to equip each guest with a pair of headsets that drummed out a narrative reminiscent of a robot while an eerie violin-meets-electronic guitar ballad played out in the background.

Many believed this was a commentary on the prevalence of technology in our lives and the lack of individuality it can manifest. One thing was clear: This year's shows were heavily influenced by what is happening in the tech world.

2) Bare in Brooklyn:

Never one to shy away from controversy, Miley Cyrus showed up at Alexander Wang's afterparty (read: this was not a five-minute performance, but an all-night event) in Bushwick, wearing nothing up top but tasseled pasties.

That's some pretty boundary-pushing nightwear, even for Brooklyn. Cyrus was also seen in Instagram photos making out with the designer and, of course, twerking.

Okay, to each their own. I'll let you all duke it out in the comments section on how you feel about this one and whether or not it qualifies as surprising for you.

3) Designer Newspapers:

Karl Lagerfeld announced he's coming out with “The Karl Daily,” a newspaper (you know, made with actual paper) that will feature the designer's thoughts, sketches and quirky satirical humor.

Spoiler alert: Karl says he doesn't get social media, is desperate for the iPhone 6 and finds selfies despicable. Okay, well, here's to hoping he doesn't log on to the Instagram accounts of some of his more famous runway models.

4) I Woke Up Like This:

No makeup became a thing. On the Marc runway, none of the girls wore a stitch of makeup as they marched single-file down the stage.

Was it a nod to feminism? A money-saving trick (hooray for not having to buy refills on mascara!)? Only time will tell whether or not the fashion world will actually embrace this.

I, for one, do not have the supermodel face to pull off this look (or lack thereof), but I'll high-five anyone on the street I see doing this next spring.

5) Britney's Back:

Move over, Victoria Beckham; there is a new pop-star-turned-designer on the block.

Britney Spears made her debut as a designer at fashion week, introducing a new lingerie line. If that doesn't surprise you, she also debuted her literary skills by reading a bit of poetry before the show:

I am an art, paint me in pastels. The softest blush of roses, playing peek-a-boo on sheer nylon. Paint me satin and embroider me with mother of pearl.

Take that, Shakespeare.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr