17 Girls Reveal All The Crazy Sh*t Their Boyfriends Have Asked Them To Do


The difference between men and women in relationships is that we put all our “crazy” upfront, whereas men like to drop it in the form of absurd requests.

Forget asking for nude photos or sexual favors, once your boyfriend feels comfortable enough (read: you won’t dump him on the spot) he’ll finally reveal his true self to you by asking you to fulfill his deep, dark wishes.

The sh*t we’ll (consider) do(ing) for men... AMIRIGHT?!

Girlfriends typically don’t ask for much -- some love, some attention, some pre-paid meals. Boyfriends, on the other hand, ask for some pretty weird stuff. Here’s all the craziest sh*t your boyfriend has asked you to do…

Editor’s Note: We’re just as sorry about all this ass-play as these women are.

1. The Golden Boy

2. The Third Member

3. The Ghost Dial

4. The Bad Boy

5. The Lady Thief

6. The Dinner Date

7. The Planner

8. The Answer To Your Question

9. The Takeout Box

10. The Guy Most Likely To Be Arrested

11. The Brown-Noser

12. The Catcher

13. The Trade-Off

14. The Artist

15. The Idiot

16. The Confused Dresser

17. The One Who Hath No Capacity To Be Asked