Comedian Makes Fun Of The Dumb Fitspo Trends On Instagram And It's Perfect

Bella Younger is not living healthfully. She's not eating whole foods, and her idea of exercise includes lying still.

Younger isn't making headlines for her body weight or lifestyle, however. It's for a comedic alter ego named Deliciously Stella, a lifestyle and fitness blogger who's modeled on actual healthy woman Deliciously Ella.

Confused yet? You won't be for long.

Deliciously Stella is the funniest voice on your Instagram feed, precisely because she's perfectly mastered the art of condescending healthiness.



She's living better than you and she knows it.

Now, for the kicker: Stella's health food concoctions often consist of rum, ramen noodles and cheap gummies. She has the palette of a child and the budget of a college student with the tone of a yoga instructor.

If you still can't get enough of Stella's diet plans and aspirational living, check out her lifestyle book.

Bella Younger is truly ruling the internet with her much-needed parody of healthy-living bloggers.

Some days, Stella focuses on "hole foods."

Are you absolutely obsessed with your spiralizer and zoodles? So is Stella, sort of.

"Dairy-free" strawberry gummies, anyone?

What about a totally healthy Malibu smoothie?

Stella tried to do yoga on the beach but accidentally took a nap. Is there even that much of a difference between the two?

Marshmallow bars... rice cakes... what's the difference, anyway?

Stella's juice cleanses are a little, well, unorthodox.

I can get behind her idea of a (sodium) salad.

Nutritious and delicious, right?

Just knowing Deliciously Stella is out there trolling on the internet makes me feel a little better about life.

These days, Younger's even tackling beauty treatments.

Desperately need a dose of reality?

Younger and her alter ego are everything you need.

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