Frappin' And Fashion: The 'Coffee N Clothes' Instagram Is Absolutely Perfect (Photos)

by Ashley Fern

There's no better way to procrastinate your bleak, hungover and tired morning than by scrolling through Instagram.

Facebook is a good option as well, but chances are your brain isn't fully functional from the weekend and those long drawn out dramatic statuses are the last things you want to gaze upon.

Well, today, as I was procrastinating, I came across what has got to be one of the better Instagram accounts to pass the time: @coffeenclothes.

By its name, I'm sure you can guess that the entire photo reel is photos of people dressed well with coffee in hand or by their sides.

The account remains anonymous by keeping faces out of the photos as the account truly only focuses on the coffee and the clothes.

Here are some samples that will definitely encourage you to follow. Happy scrolling...

Photos Courtesy: Instagram