Is Hershey's The New Viagra? Chocolate Boosts Men's Sexual Performance For Up To Six Hours


After seven years of research, Belgium scientists finally proved that consuming chocolate can enhance a male's sexual performance for up to six hours. The natural antioxidants found in cocoa promote blood flow to “vital areas," which could also explain why we experience a natural high after we eat a quality chocolate bar.

Chocolatiers ACTICOA presented their findings at the choc industry's annual conference, held at the British Library after conducting years of research at their factories in Belgium. The flavanols, or antioxidants in cocoa, "help maintain elasticity in blood vessels which helps with blood flow," according to Leen Allegaert, ACTICOA's firm expert.

Eating ten grams of dark chocolate produces a significant positive effect. After flavanol intake, there is an increase in blood flow to vessels that lasts six to eight hours, with performance peaking at two hours. Studies also showed the same daily consumptions boosts heart health. Improvements could be up by eight percent, according to the researchers.

One more excuse to scarf down some homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Via: DailyStar