Chill Girl Problems: 28 Things You Go Through When You're Too Laidback

by Lauren Martin

If you’re going to be a girl, you want to be a chill girl, right? I mean, what other type of girl would you be? Not chill?

I don’t mean chill as in lazy, unproductive or unmotivated. I mean chill as in the opposite of the girl who freaks out because her manicure chipped.

I mean chill as in not caring that you stained your dress or some other girl is wearing the same shirt as you. I mean chill as in really not giving a f*ck about insignificant, stupid little things.

Now you see where I’m going with this? If you’re a chill girl, you understand. You have that chill in your bones, that ease of being that carries you through life, that temperament people can’t always understand.

You see life as very simple, with no need to cry over spilled milk or lost earrings. You’re friends with everyone, even if you can’t understand why some girls are just so un-chill at times. Fortunately for them, you’re too chill to really care.

And that’s where the problems start. While the chill girl may feel like she has no problems, her coolness is many times the aggravator of a lot of them. It’s her laid-back attitude that creates the hurdles in her life.

It's her refusal to sweat the small stuff that sometimes creates bigger stuff. It’s the reason she’s always late, her clothes are always stained and she never has any money… She’s too chill to care.

But are problems really problems if no one cares about them? Is a dress really stained if she doesn’t see it? Are stockings really ripped if she likes them that way? Are people really assh*les if she doesn’t let them bother her?

It’s a matter of opinion and outlook, and while there’s no denying that being chill can cause problems (the same way being un-chill can because that’s life and there’s always going to be something wrong), but the difference between the chill girl and everyone else is that she just doesn’t care.

You're always losing money because you don't care enough to ask for it back

Giving someone $20 isn't a loan, it's charity.

You never get the guy

You're never getting the guy of your dreams because, unlike those forward women, you don't care enough to fight for him.

People forget you have feelings

Just because you don't make big scenes or talk about your feelings doesn't mean you don't have them.

You never have your debit card because you always leave it

I will never let a piece of plastic run my life, nor will I ever run around for a piece of plastic.

People assume you don't care

You care about a lot of things, you just don't feel the need to make everyone else care about them.

You never eat at the place you want to eat

Sure, I'll get sushi with you again. No, no don't worry, it doesn't matter that I'm allergic to fish.

You don't draw the line early enough

When people do you wrong, rather than cutting them out, you forgive and forget.

You're late because you let people cut in front of you

Sorry, but I'd rather be late than squeeze next to another homeless man.

No one ever worries about how you feel

They assume that you're fine all the time, but sometimes you just need someone to ask if you're OK.

You're friends with people who have done you wrong

You're good at letting things go, but not bad friends.

People assume you can't take charge

Just because you're not obsessed with stating your opinion all the time doesn't mean you can't be a leader.

You're always eating the wrong food because you won't call when they mess up your order

So I didn't get my pad Thai. Just looks like the universe wanted me to try eel.

People mistake your chillness for weakness

People have a tendency to try and walk all over people whom they know won't try and fight them.

No one ever asks you to make a decision

That's how you want it, no one asking you for anything.

No one lets you borrow clothes

Fine by me... One fewer thing not to worry about.

No one ever asks for your opinion

Because they assume you don't care, they also assume you don't have preferences.

You're never really in a relationship because you don't care enough to have "the talk"

You're not single because you can't find anyone, you're just too chill to care about defining it when you do.

You're never the first one off the plane

Call me crazy, but sitting in my seat while everyone else stands in a line to be the first one into the airport... only to be the first people standing at the luggage carousel doesn't seem like something I want to push and shove for.

No one ever coddles you

Just because you're chill doesn't mean people can say whatever they want and it won't hurt your feelings. It still hurts.

You absolutely suck at Black Friday

You never get good deals. You're never the one with the bargains or the steals. But you figure you'd rather spend your life doing other things than looking through clothing racks for four hours at 5 am.

You let people take advantage of you

Chill women always believe in karma. So take advantage of them as much as you want, they will get their retribution in due time.

You take the blame without realizing it

Sure, you can tell Mom that it was me who drank the $75 bottle of wine in the basement.

The second you're not chill, people freak out

If you freak out just one time, everyone else freaks out about how un-chill you're being.

You're missing a sh*t ton of clothes

Like with money, you expect people to give it back, but will never ask.

You never get things off your chest

And sometimes that makes you explode... because chill people, like all people, also have meltdowns.

People assume you're a burn out

Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. Either way I don't care what you think.

All your clothes are stained

You're human and you spill. Unlike others, however, you don't cry over spilled tomato sauce.

You're always getting the short end

You're not one to wait in line for something for hours or run up when someone puts food out. You take your time and that usually means getting the smallest pieces and the worst slices.