Catch Me If You Can: 20 Reasons To Date A Perpetually Single Girl

by Allison Isaacson

Everyone has a friend or knows a girl who seems to always have a boyfriend. If she doesn’t have a boyfriend, you’d be willing to bet she’s busy trying to reel in her next catch.

I won’t go into why that’s not the most desirable type of woman; instead, I’ll share 20 reasons why (seemingly) perpetually single ladies make the best girlfriends.

1. We're not needy.

"You haven’t even bothered to ask me how I’m doing all day long" is a statement you’ll never hear come out of our mouths.

We don’t “need” constant attention. We want your attention when it matters, when we have time to dedicate our full attention to one another, when we’re able to focus on you rather than communicate halfheartedly.

2. Small talk bores us.

We won’t text, "Whatcha doing?" every two hours. We won’t ask, "How are you?" every five minutes. Oh, you’re exactly the same but slightly more annoyed by my brainless chatter?

We like becoming more familiar with you and what makes you tick. That's what excites us; we go deep.

3. We can function independently.

We can grocery shop by ourselves -- we’ve been doing it for years. Feel free to stay back and play Madden.

Sure, we’d like your company sometimes, but it’s nice to go it alone, too. It’s also nice when our partners get the job done alone at times.

We like men who aren’t afraid of raw chicken, and we like men who have the ability to navigate the land of Whole Foods.

We also wouldn't expect you to constantly accompany us to meaningless family functions. We’d sleep in, too, if it weren’t our own family members.

4. We want you to spend time with other people.

We have friends, family members, mentors and events to attend, so we expect you to do the same. We know we should enhance your life, not become it.

5. We want you to socialize without us, too.

Even when this means meeting or seeing females without us, big whoop?! If you want those other ladies in lieu of us, well, then be with them.

Otherwise, enjoy their company as you would any other human being, and then come home to us. How’s freedom taste? I hope as good as the wine we’re having on girls' night.

6. We pay for things.

We reach for our own wallets at registers because that’s just how we live. Don’t assume the tab always lands on you. We earn our own; we provide for our own.

I mean, we’ll let you court us. We’ll appreciate it when you display affection by surprising us with material items, but it won’t make up for anything lacking in our relationship.

We do still, indeed, appreciate sweet gestures like flowers “for no reason” or insisting to pay for meals; however, we’re just as willing (and happy) to pay for dinner.

A relationship with girls like us won’t drain your bank account.

7. We don’t have a long list of obsessive ex-boyfriends with which to burden you.

Need I say more?

8. We’re selective.

You’re not one of many. You rev our engines; you fascinate us. We want to show our craziest and most ugly features sides to you. To us, there’s just something about you.

Don’t you want to be with someone who sees something different in you?

9. We’re selective because we can be.

We’re special, too. We love the women we’ve developed into (and will continue to evolve into). Not everyone can comprehend or handle all we are, so we don’t share it with everyone.

You can be proud and secure in the fact that you “got us,” when others just couldn’t fan our flames.

10. We give you space.

We know space is important. We know you need to be by yourself sometimes. We know there are things you enjoy doing solo, and we’re cool with that. The same goes for us.

11. We don’t pry.

If we notice a topic triggers something in you, we won’t play with the safety as long as you’re not showing dangerous signs of inner torment.

If there’s something you want to talk about, we’re all ears. If you won’t touch something with a 10-foot pole for right now, that’s okay. We know boundaries exist for a reason.

We have sensitivities and topics we don’t care to discuss, as well. If we didn’t, we’d be just like the girls who are always “talking” to someone, and we’re not.

12. We respect privacy.

That’s your phone; this one’s mine. If your phone doesn’t come in-between us or impede our relationship, we won’t concern ourselves with it.

You can bet your ass we won’t demand the passwords to your accounts, either. If you make more eye contact with your screen than with us on date night, then we might need to talk; otherwise, do your thing.

We’d be bummed if you went snooping through our journals, so if you like to escape to the studio without us, we’ll respect that.

13. We’re strong.

We’ve been rejected, fired, had our feelings hurt, been tested and we've lost loved ones -- all without the shoulder of a boyfriend to cry on.

We’ve been there for friends and family when they’ve had pain or troubled times, so we’ll be strong for our boyfriends when they feel less than invincible.

14. We’re responsible.

We’ve had to be. No one wakes us up in the morning, and no one else pays our bills and keeps the lights on. If we sleep through our alarms, that’s on us.

You can rest easy knowing we can shoulder blame. We won’t point at you in defense of our missteps.

15. We support your passions.

We’ve been “going our own” because we’re creating lives for ourselves that satisfy our ambitious appetites. We’re making our own ways in this world by pursuing our passions.

Of course we’ll encourage the pursuit of your dreams, even if we spend more nights alone than not. Yes, we’ll miss you, but we love watching you create the life you dream of.

We find it amazing — flattering, even — that this special man wants us to be part of his world.

16. We won’t be with you or check in with you 24/7.

You do your thing; I do my thing. So when we do our thing, it’s something. We look forward to the time we get to spend with each other.

17. We don’t have expectations of what our relationship ought to be.

We see our friends cycle through boyfriends, and we see others who’ve found “the one.” We’ve observed the ups, downs and in-betweens of everyone — in real life and in “the movies.”

We know everything happens differently for everyone, so we don’t expect our relationships to mirror others. We want a unique bond with another human that complements our inherent uniqueness.

18. We’re adventurous.

We’ve been eating out, going to concerts and having mini getaways by ourselves. We’re sure to shake up the monotony of your life by being willing to try new things and explore other interests with you.

You want to share your love of traveling circuses with someone? We’re there.

19. We can make decisions alone.

“Get in the car. I’m taking you to Benihana. Then we’re going to play putt putt.” How much easier is date night? No more needless back and forth about what’s for dinner with ladies like us.

We’ve been making our own decisions and making own plans on a regular basis. We’re not single because we’re indecisive and don’t know what we want; we’re single because we know what we do want and won’t settle for otherwise.

20. We don’t settle for less than the best.

Or else, we would’ve settled by now. So, the only exclusive relationship we’d foster would have to be amazing on all fronts, or we’d get out of it and go back to our happy singleness.

Doesn’t it sound fun? Or at least worthwhile to be with girls like us?

Perpetually single girls like me don’t expect our men’s worlds to revolve around us.

We simply want to be a light in their lives because they make our eyes light up without conscious effort. Cheers to natural chemistry and sparks that fly!