How To Be The Cast Of Grand Budapest Hotel For Halloween

by Brit + Co

If you aren't familiar with Wes Anderson films, it's time to cue up your Netflix and have a movie marathon night ASAP. His films are amazing works of art filled with images we would gladly frame and hang on a salon wall.

In honor of his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, we decided to DIY a set of Halloween costumes. I teamed up with our makeup and hair stylist, Misty, to create this cast of characters. Time to round up a group of friends, or a set of two couples, to rock this Wes Anderson tribute.

Gustave Halloween Costume

Let's talk about how great Kurt plays good ol' Gustave. To pull off this character, you need to have an adventurous spirit with a sense of wit. Moving on to the costume.

The key to this outfit is the purple-tailed suit jacket. Pick up a cheap suit jacket with a nice large lapel from your local thrift shop. Grab some extra black fabric and sew a tail shape to the bottom of the jacket. Then use purple spray paint to cover the whole coat and turn it that true Grand Budapest royal color. Use red trim and a hot glue gun to line the lapel of jacket, and then finish it off with two gold buttons.

Don't forget the small details! Aside from a white button-down, gray vest and gray pants, you will need a maroon bow-tie to pull the Gustave look together. Slick your hair to one side and rock a killer mustache. Oh, and a glass of whiskey helps too.

Madame D Halloween Costume

Even though Madame D isn't in the film for long, we quickly fell in love with her --- especially her style. Our heart ached when we found out she was murdered and can't believe it's being pinned on her one true love — Gustave! Brittany did a great job channeling her inner sad, almost-dying old woman. Let's talk about how you can achieve this look.

Head to your local thrift shop to find an all-mustard ensemble just like Madame D. Accessorize with long strands of pearls and detailed shoulder pads. Ours were made from silver-cabled trim that we hot glued to the jacket. We found the trim at our local fabric store.

Makeup + Hair: 

Wig: Grab a white curly wig of any sort. First back comb the the hair to make it fuller and more pliable, and then work the hair up into a disheveled beehive silhouette that you can pin in place with light bobby pins.

Face: This makeup looks tricky, but you can totally handle it! Apply a thick layer of foundation to create a bumpy, mature-looking skin effect. Then lightly draw the defined wrinkles that you see on her face with a light brown eyeliner or an eyeshadow applied with a think paint brush. Note the major lines on her neck, forehead, under eye area and under her lower lip. She's also got laugh lines. Once done, set your whole face with a powder and setting spray to keep makeup in tact.

Eyes:  Wash out your eyebrows with a pale blonde eyebrow pencil and leave your eyes natural with the exception of an ashy brown shadow in your crease.

Lips:  Notice how her lips are completely uneven — a signature feature of her character. Line your lips with this flaw and then fill in with a brick red lipstick.

Zero Halloween Costume

Zero is much more than a lobby boy. He is Gustave's right-hand man and the friend he has always needed. Zane was the perfect model for this character. If you happen to be stuck in jail due to a murder you did not commit, Zane, like Zero, would be the man to help you out. Let's talk about the costume.

To complete Zero's look, you want an outfit with hues of purple. We trimmed the shirt to his waist and used red piping to detail the buttons and collar. Use a piece of purple craft foam to create the circle lobby boy hat. Some gold puff paint works perfectly for the Lobby Boy lettering.

Listen up fellas — you need a freshly shaved face to pull off Zero's look. Don't forget to pencil in your mustache!

Agatha Halloween Costume

If you weren't swept away by Zero's charm, you will be by Agatha's. She and Zero are most definitely a match made in heaven, and Gustave is their number one fan. Cecelia pulled off an amazing Agatha. Unfortunately we didn't have time to test her baking skills, but I'm sure she wouldn't disappoint.

To complete Agatha's look, you will need a khaki colored dress, blue fabric and some orange trim. Use a hot glue gun to apply the orange trim around the collar and sleeves of the dress. Cut the blue fabric into a curved shape and use a hot glue gun to attach it to a longer piece of fabric to create the apron. Don't forget about the props! Use blue ribbon and white construction paper to create her key necklace and pink construction paper for your Mendl's box.

Hair + Makeup:

Hair:  If you don't have hair long enough to create this crown dutch braid, purchase a wig in this style. Notice the greenery in her hair

Makeup: This makeup is fairly simple and totally doable for the untrained hand. Go really pale with your foundation (no contouring or any color added). Create the birthmark by eyeballing the shape from this image and apply with a small paintbrush using brown gel eyeliner or a makeup paint pod in brown. Definitely fill in your eyebrows with a warm dark brown eyeshadow or even eyeliner.

All-star movie couple for sure.

GUSTAVE! Time to get silly!

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden Hair and Makeup: Misty Spinney Modeling: Kurt Andre, Brittany Griffin, Zane Riley, Cecelia Cox Photography: Kurt Andre and Brittany Griffin