She Knows What She Wants: 14 Reasons You Can't Tame An Untamable Girl

There are certain girls who grow up lost in the thick of an endless daydream, forever fantasizing about the precious point in their existence when the perfect partner will magically manifest into their worlds.

The idea of settling down is seductive and enticing for her, and the present moment serves as nothing but a waiting game -- an empty space of time she’s forced to endure until she’s hit with the tender fist of love.

She’s agitated by the wild unpredictability of youth and longs to be tamed, act civilized and pour all of herself into the heart of another person.

These are the pipe dreams girls are supposed to have, right? The endless love from just one person, the sparkling diamond ring, the picture-perfect homestead?

So what happens when you’re a girl whose dream of a long, white wedding dress is replaced with the sprawling vision of lone travel expeditions to exotic destinations?

What if you’re a girl who can’t wrap her brain around the idea of ever being satisfied by one person?

What if the idea of being “tame” fills you with a million tiny pricks of fear wickedly piercing the entirety of your body, causing the tips of your fingers and toes to become numb with over-stimulating shards of anxiety?

What if you’re nearing the end of your 20s and this overpowering sensation of wanting to run free, the restlessness everyone promised would eventually fade — is burning brighter than ever?

What venom has seeped into the nomadic soul of the untamable girl that makes her so untamable? What qualities does she attain that make it so impossible for her to settle down?

1. You can’t hold her down because she always ends up on top

The untamable girl has a supreme forcefield of energy that radiates from her body at all times.

She’s hyper-creative and fascinated by everything around her. She’s hungry to get involved in all things at all times.

The intense beams of energy she inadvertently emits into the universe are seen as threatening to some of the people who make their way into her life. They fear her effervescence.

They try to stamp to her out. To hold her down.

What these energy squashers neglect to realize is her energy is so fierce and magnetic that the negative smoke of others can’t snuff it out.

She will always rise.

2. You can’t tell her to go home because everywhere and anywhere is home

The untamable girl holds a true sense of inner peace. She's friends with herself, so she never feels lonely.

Her home comes from within; it’s not as simple as a mere roof over her head.

When you’re comfortable in your skin, anywhere and everywhere is home. Home is not a place -- it's you.

3. You can’t buy her because she owns herself

The untamable girl learned early on that she couldn’t be bought. Money is cheap; independence is the real luxury.

Tempt her with jewels, bags, dinners and vacations -- you can't purchase the affection of a girl who owns herself.

4. You can’t tell her “no” because she always finds a way

You can’t tell a wild girl “NO” and expect her to sit on her hands and not figure out a way to get exactly what she wants. She’s naturally resistant to the word “NO.” She's a “yes” person.

Tell her “no,” and she will hear “I dare you.” And there are few things that fuel the burning fire in her soul more than a good dare.

She’s both blessed and cursed by a ferociously creative brain. She channels her innovate thoughts into making everything she so desires come to fruition.

5. You can’t tell her to calm down because she was born vibrant

Why does society attach so much weight around being calm? As if “calm” is the ultimate emotional goal. What about those who are blissfully “un-calm?” Does energy have to be viewed as negative and frenetic?

F*ck being calm. Life is too short. The untamable girl wants to feel things, and feelings are not still.

6. You can’t tell her what to do because she does what she wants

Subservience isn’t in her DNA. Just because you told her she should look or act a certain way or want and desire certain things -- it isn’t enough to make her listen to you.

Words are inactive; they don’t scare her. She unabashedly does what (and whom) she wants.

7. You can’t have her because you can’t keep up with her

Maybe she would opt to be in a relationship, if she could find someone who could actually keep up with her endless surge of incredible energy.

8. You can’t call her a mess because she’s not interested in cleaning it up

Well -- you could call her a mess; it just will neglect to hurt her feelings.

She adores the colorful mess that makes up her eclectic and interesting life. Being "together" is overrated -- a mess is what's interesting.

9. You can’t restrain her because she thrives in chaos

The untamable girl does her best work under pressure. She prefers everything to be in abundance: work, parties, feelings, friends, love. Put heaps of pressure on her, and watch her soar.

10. You can’t pull her together because she likes ripping things apart

If you attempt to pick up her broken parts and piece her back together -- she will only break apart again.

She’s destructive, born with an irrepressible urge to PULL things apart, to make a mess, to find something beautiful and destroy it.

She understands The Scene Aesthetic lyrics, "The beauty is in the breakdown," to the fullest extent.

11. You can’t put her in a cubicle because she lives outside the box

Some girls aren’t designed for the office. Every day must be vastly different from the next.

The only thing she truly can't handle is taking permanent residence within the banality of a grey interior box.

She’s made life choices that extend outside the comforts of a nine-to-five. She chose the hard path, the DIY path. She's a freelancer. She’s an artist. She’s self-made. She's the sole CEO of her life.

12. You can’t tell her to be quiet because she has something to say

She's aware of the power of her voice and will not let anyone stifle it. She has something to say and will say it, regardless of if you care to hear it.

She speaks her mind and can't help but vocalize any injustice she observes with her keen eyes and finely tuned ears.

13. You can’t tell her to sit still because she’s always in motion

She’s the type of girl who moves all the time. Even when she sleeps, she's in motion.

14. You can’t tell her to settle down because her life is up in the air

She is excited about the million different twists and turns her life could take. She loves the unpredictability of her life. Her spirit is fed by adventure, not comfort.

“I saw that my life was a vast glowing empty page, and I could do anything I wanted.” - Jack Kerouac