These Photos Will Put An End To Judging Women By What They're Wearing

by Gillian Fuller

A Swiss organization for feminist rights, Terre Des Femmes, recently launched an ad campaign titled Don't Measure A Woman's Worth By Her Clothes, which aims to reduce appearance-based sexual stereotyping by highlighting the supposed correlation between clothing and "worth."

The campaign, masterminded by artist Theresa Wlokka, features images of commonly sexualized areas of the female body -- such as the chest -- overlaid with “measuring sticks” that assign worth based on how much of this “provocative” area is covered by clothing.

These measures of worthiness take cues from the common negative assumptions associated with, say, short hemlines and low necklines. Revealing too little signifies prudishness, while revealing too much communicates sluttiness.

Outlining these measures of value shows just how arbitrary they are, and thus, how absurd it is to make assumptions about a woman based on how much fabric covers her body.

Students at the Miami Ad School in Hamburg, Germany, helped create the powerful campaign, which you can see below.

Wearing a low-cut shirt does not mean she's "asking for it."

Wearing a short skirt does not mean she's a "whore."

Wearing flats does not mean she's a "prude."

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