British E-Commerce Site Competing With Net-A-Porter


It seems as if the majority of consumers' shopping is done online.  It’s easier, and more diverse than shopping in a mall. Almost every store in the world has it’s own e-commerce site, except for luxury brands.

It was once difficult to obtain luxury goods online, until net-a-porter came onto the scene ten years ago. The luxury online department store has pretty much held a monopoly on businesses of its type throughout all of these years, but that may soon be changing.

UK based e-commerce site Avenue 32 has a new and unique approach to the online luxury market, and they may be giving net-a-porter a run for its money. Just two years old, Avenue 32 attempts to create a platform for designers. Young or established designers can have control over their online presence via the online multi-brand environment.

Avenue 32 prefers to stock new and upcoming designers, giving her consumers a wardrobe that’s both luxurious and unique compared to that of their peers.

Check out this website if you’re interested in supporting new and upcoming designers!

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images