Bow Down, B*tches: 5 Things All Gen-Y Women Can Learn From Beyoncé

Being a Gen-Y woman means constantly upholding ridiculous and outrageous standards. Even though it’s the 21st century, the world respects an unofficial list of dos and don’ts by which we need to abide. The struggle for success mixed with the constant exposure to images that reflect these unattainable standards is a lot to live up to. It’s ideal to have a role model to help you cope, but picking the right one can be tricky — especially if you choose a celebrity.

However, I’ve found a celebrity who has managed to keep it classy throughout the years and inspire countless fans. Let’s hear it for the Queen: Beyoncé. From her earlier years, when she was complaining about her “Bills, Bills, Bills” to now, when she’s “Crazy In Love” with her hubby, she has always managed to keep it real.

She’s a great role model for any Gen-Y woman to admire, and there’s so much wisdom we can glean from her career and her life. So, bow down and check out these five things every Gen-Y woman can learn from the Queen B:

1. It’s possible to be sexy while simultaneously being classy.

Many women find it difficult to teeter along this very fine line. However, Beyoncé has always managed to pull off the sexiest looks with no shortage of class. Whether she’s on the red carpet or performing on stage, she manages to grab everyone’s attention — for all the right reasons.

2. You can stand by your man while starring in your own life.

Everyone knows B loves her man. Whether she’s singing about it or gushing about it, it’s blatantly obvious. However, she does not let her love cloud her career goals. She is determined to make both of them work, regardless of how difficult the path may be.

3. You need to start doing what you love, now.

Beyoncé started singing when she was only seven years old. She worked her entire life to support her dream and it has, without a doubt, paid off. She is living proof that dedication and determination can lead to success, but it’s important not to waste time. Opportunity does not wait for the lazy.

4. Rather than talk about it, be about it.

With her latest album, Beyoncé proved that it’s way more efficient to act rather than just to talk about something; she kept it a secret, let her talent speak for itself and took the world by storm.

5. You should never let them catch you slipping.

Everyone has moments when they feel off their game. However, you can’t let the world see you sweat. After she had her baby, Beyoncé got back into the gym, back onto the dance floor and back up on stage. She killed it at the Grammys, proving that nothing — not even giving birth — will take her talent away from her.

Beyoncé is truly an inspiration to every Gen-Y woman. While not everyone will have the chance to be a world-famous musician, every person does have the chance to be successful. You create your own definition of success.

Photo credit: WENN