#BoobsOverBellyButtons Is Much Better Than The Belly Button Challenge


The #BellyButtonChallenge is over as quickly as it started, and what's replacing it is something much more positive: #BoobsOverBellyButtons.

This new campaign was launched by British lingerie brand Curvy Kate, a proud promoter of body positivity.

The counter-movement, created in partnership with breast cancer charity CoppaFeel!, aims to educate women about the importance of self-checking for breast cancer.

The brand's spokesperson, Hannah Isichei, told BuzzFeed,

Thankfully, tons of women agree and are on board with #BoobsOverBellyButtons.

“There isn't one type of perfect, one ideal shape or size,” Isichei explained.

“We have a strong, passionate and intelligent audience, and we know they'd help us stand up to the body-shamers out there,” she added.

If people are going to take pictures of themselves stretching to try and reach their belly buttons…

...why not instead spend that time performing a self-check for breast cancer?

Need instructions on how to do a self-exam? Head here.

Remember: It's important to get checked by a doctor annually, too.

Now, be free, boobies!

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