Bizarrely Conducted Study Reveals Women Experience Two Different Kinds Of Orgasms

It really must be a man's world. Why else would scientists research whether there truly are two different kinds of female orgasms (considering we women have known since experiencing our first boyfriends), unless they were trying to disprove our superior, robust sexual prowess?

Well, as per usual, the women were right all along.

New research confirms that ladies can experience two different types of orgasms: one that does not stimulate the clitoral roots and one that activates the entire clitorourethrovaginal (CUV) complex.

Wow, suddenly health class just got a whole lot more interesting.

Using specialized ultrasound technology, scientists measured three healthy volunteers' orgasms during manual self-stimulation versus vaginal penetration.

Before you get jealous of all the sex everyone else is having, we have to warn you that the vaginal penetration was performed with a -- wait for it -- wet tampon, giving a whole new meaning to "getting wet."

The main takeaway is that, once again, women are more dynamic and pleasurable sexual beings, if only because they can experience two types of stimulation thanks to the different parts of the clitoris (external and internal) and CUV complex. Oh, and you'll probably never look at a wet tampon the same again.

H/T: Discover Magazine, Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It