How Beyoncé And Nicki Minaj Are Giving Us A Female Friendship To Envy

by Jessica Dionne

The Queen of Rap and Queen B are new besties, and the pop culture world is basically losing its sh*t over this match made in hip-pop heaven.

The fates have smiled upon us and brought these two alpha females together because, as everyone knows, two is better than one.

Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj are powerhouses in their respective music genres, so a collaboration is the only logical thing for these two branding mavericks to do.

While their relationship may have started as a work partnership, their friendship has blossomed in front of our eyes, and we have been watching with baited breath, not wanting to miss one second of fabulousness.

From their Instagrams, we can see the two have some serious love for one another. They post stunning pictures together, leaving us wishing we could be the third wheel to their Friday GNO.

Nicki says it best when she raps,

“The Queen of Rap, slaying with Queen Bey. If you ain't on the team, you playin' for team D!”

We watch from the bleachers, but we would all love to be on the team. The reason we're all so obsessed?

First of all, it's Beyoncé. She could befriend a rock, and we would stalk her Instagram to see pictures of her and that rock at brunch or clubbing. But, we die over the fact she has combined glamorous forces with another powerful diva.

Nicki Minaj's crazy-fun attitude and Beyoncé's diva-supreme personality come together to give us an unstoppable force of nature.

One glorious benefit from their new friendship? Killer collaborations we can crank in the car and dance recklessly to while driving with our friends.

Their “Flawless (Remix)” was our first delicious taste of what this pair can do, and this year's “I'm Feeling Myself” has caused mass hysteria, as it was exclusively released on Tidal (rendering it illegally uploaded on countless streaming sites before being taken down).

These two are fierce, flawless, boss bitches having fun. They have this crazy chemistry; they vibe off each other's energy, making them a duo to be reckoned with.

We watch the “I'm Feeling Myself” video, green with envy as the two float in a kiddie pool, party at Coachella and stuff their faces with burgers and fries, all while donning amazing outfits with flowing hair and sick nails.

Who hasn't jammed out in the bathroom with their girls while getting ready? It just screams, "Best friendship ever!"

'Yoncé and Onika are powerful women who were able to come together to support one another in their music careers and in life. What's not inspiring about strong women who can find friendship and appreciate other dominant women?

For years, it has seemed like Beyoncé was doomed to be a lone wolf, as no others were on her level. But, since Nicki came along, the two gravitated toward one another, forming a friendship that is giving us life!

It seems Beyoncé has a certain level of respect for Nicki, which has allowed them to have a real, lasting bond. Even though they're rich and famous, their friendship reminds us they are real people who like to let loose, which is what makes it all so entertaining.

We can see a little bit of ourselves in the way these two laugh, dance and goof off together.

It is refreshing to see famous women getting along and rising above the drama that tends to consume the music industry. Instead of dissing each other in their songs, they hype up one another to give us epic new pop-rap fusions.

We can only hope to watch Beyoncé and Nicki's friendship continue to grow as, together, they bring us new fashions, hairstyles and slang to slay with.