The 7 Staples Every Woman Needs In Her Closet This Fall


After months of warm weather, sun dresses and flip flops, fall has finally arrived. It's arguably the best time of year in New York City and just about anywhere else: the foliage, the pumpkin spice lattes and the trench coat. Just when you can't look at another crop top or pair of jean shorts, it's time for the good stuff.

Now that you are working, hopefully you will have the money to start spending on a decent wardrobe. You can finally afford those leather boots and that obnoxiously overpriced pea-coat. But where to even begin? The beginning of fall is a lot like Netflix, there's just too much to choose from, you end up spending the entire fall looking for clothes instead of buying them.

To make this Autumn easier for you, and to give you enough time to enjoy your trendy fall wardrobe, we have assembled a list of the best fall staples. There are 7 simple items that you should have in your closet to get you through this season and the next.

A Good Hoodie

Everyone needs at least one good hoodie. Hoodies are perfect for lounging around, a trip across town or to just pair underneath your awesome leather coat. However, hoodies can be tricky. You want one that isn't too thin, you have to ensure that it offers more warmth than your average long sleeve shirt.

American Giantis our pick for the perfect hoodie. American Giant is the rebirth of American ingenuity in apparel manufacturing and retail. From seed to sewn, what they make and sell is the product of an old American work ethic and a new American way of doing business. So you can not only be proud of what you wear but be surprised at how well it's made, how well it fits and the quality of how it feels.

So do yourself a favor and invest in a good hoodie. You're gonna want one when you're snuggling on the couch or just crossing the street to grab some frozen yogurt.

The Perfect Boots

Boots are a must for fall. Once it starts getting cold, and it will faster than you think, you will need a good pair of boots. They're practical, stylish and comfortable. They are a great way to dress up or down an outfit.

Our pick for the perfect fall boot is from Dr. Martens. They have a tremendous array of boots from tall to short and all featuring an edge. They are reasonably priced and have styles to fit everyone's need.

Their original UK factory makes smaller runs, one-off designs and products that are more elaborate than those products made in Asia. Some 'Original' boots and shoes are also still made in the UK for those who want the 'cachet' of a shoe with the 'Made In England' label.

A Sophisticated Skirt

You can only wear pants for so long before you get tired of seeing your youthful legs suffocated in denim. You are young and now's the time to show off those legs before it gets too cold.

But even when it does get cold, tights are always a good choice. A good pair of tights has a slimming quality that jeans will never beat. It's important that you invest in at least one good skirt for those dinner dates and office parties you hope are just around the corner.

Our pick for the perfect date-night or office skirt is from Ruche. They have an unbelievable selection of sophisticated and stylish skirts that fit all your needs. They are our choice for the only store that truly fits Gen-Y's style. It's trendy, chic and sophisticated as we transition into the working world. Check them out for more styles.

The Cozy Scarf

Scarves are a must-have this fall. They are the perfect accessory to the dull jeans and t-shirt look. But more than that, they are warm! However, finding the perfect scarf can be tricky. It's all about the style, material and the overall swag of it.

EcoShag features handmade infinity scarves, head scarves, neck bows, and hair wraps and they are our official pick for the perfect infinity scarf this fall. About 90% of the materials used to create the scarves are organic, recycled from vintage or second hand clothing, remnants from garment factories, or imperfect fabrics.

They are the warmest, coziest and most beautiful scarves, not to mention they are handmade. And you can feel good about this buy because the material wasn't made from the fingers of orphans in Somalia.

The Perfect Cardigan

Everyone needs at least one good sweater. A cardigan gives you the option of layering. Because layering is all about more options. You can break out those cute tanks and tees as long as you have a sophisticated and warm sweater to layer over them. It's also just an awesome look. Ruche also offers a wide variety of sophisticated and beautiful cardigans for this fall.

A Light Coat 

Trench coats are out. This fall every other girl and her mother will be wearing the beige London inspired jacket, but you will be unique. You will be the one with the different coat, the trend setter. Fall fashion is all about individuality and working with statement pieces. Your first statement piece should be your jacket. Because if you find the right one, it can bring any outfit together.

Boutique 1861 offers the best jackets for this fall. They are unique, warm and versatile. Their jackets are fashioned after European styles, which means you won't be copying every sorority girl who thinks she's trendy.

Those Stylish Flats

Every working woman needs a good pair of flats. They are the only acceptable choice for running around the city and working on your feet all day. They are an investment you keep for life, as they will be worn and taken everywhere.

Yosi Samra will always be our number one choice for the perfect pair of flats. They know exactly how to make comfortable yet stylish shoes for the modern woman. They are the ideal shoe for walking around town, the office or even a date. However, their real advantage comes from their portability. They fold up into travel size accessories that fit into any purse.