Style Superlatives: The Best Handbags On And Off The Runway From NYFW

Every girl has dated that guy who didn't understand her fascination with handbags. My ex, for example, totally understood why I needed shoes for different seasons but didn't comprehend my need to compulsively purchase bags.

To him, bags were things you carry your sh*t in. They were meant to serve a purpose, not pull together an outfit.

Obviously, women know purses are not just for housing your wallet, keys and iPhone. They are one of the most important factors in an outfit. They can be used to add color, texture and provide that final oomph to your outfit.

At this season's New York Fashion Week, we saw everything from overwhelmingly furry purses to basic, perennially chic black shoulder bags. Take a look at our style inspiration below.

Most likely to make you realize you still haven't had breakfast:

Celine Rahman

You know you're a fashion person when the only kind of croissant you can be caught carrying is plated in gold.

Most likely to get you in trouble with PETA:

Celine Rahman

Is that a giant chinchilla? A puppy? A smurf's beard?

Most likely to be deceptively roomy AF:

Celine Rahman

We bet she fit her boss, half her sorority sisters and whatever the models don't eat backstage in that clutch.

Most likely to never have stray receipts or pens in her purse:

Celine Rahman

Gotta keep that sh*t clean.

Most likely to have weed inside:

Celine Rahman

How else are you supposed to keep a straight face when looking at this?

Most likely to have been worn to Coachella:

Celine Rahman

All the fringe.

Most likely to be the entrance to Narnia:

Celine Rahman

Something about the faux alligator skin looks...magical.