Woman Hasn't Used Shampoo In Six Years And Says Her Hair Is Amazing (Photos)

As of late, the "no-poo" movement has been gaining serious traction in the beauty world.

For the unfamiliar, going "no-poo" (yes, I know, poo, ha-ha) is the practice of eliminating shampoo from the beauty routine, opting instead for cleansing conditioners, oils or, in some cases, nothing at all.

Sarah Theeboom, a writer at Time Out New York magazine (and a former colleague of mine) may well be one of the pioneers of the movement — and she makes a damn good case for ditching the TRESemmé.

In a recent interview with Seventeen, the New Yorker revealed she first gave up shampoo six years ago, following the lead of a friend with miraculously shiny, frizz-free locks.

Theeboom hoped changing her haircare routine so drastically would help revitalize her limp, greasy strands.

The first few weeks were, in a word, nightmarish, Theeboom recalls. Her scalp had become greasier than ever, and she'd developed a nasty case of dandruff.

She recalls,

It was really unpleasant, and I was so embarrassed that I didn't want to show my head to anyone.

Still, she “felt committed” to forging ahead with her new, shampoo-free routine.

Theeboom added,

Thankfully, it paid off: After 12 grueling weeks, I started to see what my natural hair was like when I wasn't constantly doing stuff to manipulate it. It was silky and wavier and totally frizz free.

Six years later, Theeboom remains an impassioned advocate for her "poo-free" routine.

So if you've been considering going "no-poo," know it will take time for your scalp to adjust to the change — but one glance at Theeboom's gorgeous, shiny, healthy hair is proof the wait is worth it.

"I don't think shampoo is evil," says Theeboom. "But I like my hair better this way."

She continues: "It looks and feels so much healthier. Plus, I save a lot of money..."

"...my hair is free, in every sense of the word."

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