Tampon Subscription Service Brings A Chic, Customizable Box To Your Door

Have you ever wondered what exactly tampons are made of?

Jordana Kier and Alex Friedman did. And when they couldn't figure it out, they created LOLA, a tampon delivery service that formulates its products out of 100 percent cotton -- and nothing else.

The company, which launched yesterday, allows women to order tampons online for $10 per box with the option to mix and match sizes to create the perfect personalized period-care system.

In addition to the body-friendly cotton, the applicators are made out of BPA-free, recyclable plastic -- a gift both to the environment and our bodies.

Kier told ELLE,

The more we started doing research around the ingredients [in conventional tampons] and what was actually in the products... the more we realized we couldn't figure it out. ...[LOLA is] about making women more conscious about everything that they are consuming.

After ordering the tampons at, customers will receive their deliveries within a few days. You can also set up a monthly shipping plan, so there's no need to reorder each time Aunt Flo comes to town.

And there's a bonus: The tampons are delivered in discreet, minimalist packaging. That's a relief for women who don't want their cycles broadcasted to the entire house.

Head to the site to learn more and stock up for your next period; you'll be glad you did.

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