Stuck Inside? Try These 5 Beauty Projects Will Keep Spring Fever At Bay

Attention winter: I am so, so done with you.

If you're trapped inside, hiding somewhere between the reality of a frigid slush-land and warm thoughts of sunny days to come, use this awkward seasonal time to your advantage, preparing not just your mind, but your body, for the upcoming sun.

The best part – obviously – is you don't even have to change out of your sweatpants to change your perspective.

Armed with a cup of coffee and Drake's newest album, take on these easy spring projects.

When we all emerge from our winter dens, you'll be extra thankful you're one step ahead of the rest.

Get fresh-faced faster than your friends by cleaning your makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes, the ones you use every morning, should probably be the first thing you scrub clean.

Instead, we usually just pretend not to see the orange glow on the contour brush left over from a thousand attempts to get Kim K's cheekbones. (We're guilty, too.)

Make a gentle brush cleanser yourself using Michelle Phan's simple recipe: Mix together unscented dish soap and extra virgin olive oil, stir your brush around in the mixture, pat dry and rinse with warm water.

Bring the outdoors in for a little fresh air (without the wind).

Everyone has at least one tiny bottle of essential oil (anything from pine to lavender) lying around the house dating back to the year you thought it was "cool to wear crystals" and "just be really in touch with the Earth."

Instead of a prolonged shelf-life, put the oil to use. Add a few drops of the oil of an unscented candle once the flame's already been lit. As the oil melts alongside the wax, you'll be left with a springy-fresh scent.

It won't just make you feel good -- the rumored health benefits include reducing stress and protecting against infections.

Give your mane a little TLC.

The awkward split between winter and spring can also be defined as follows: The awful season when split ends sprout like flowers and start to bloom. So if you're hoping for Blake Lively's waves by June, you'd better start planning now.

A deep conditioning mask can act as a of it as an improv bikini-body plan -- but for your locks, not your butt.

Pinterest is filled to the brim with homemade conditioning recipes, but I'm partial to this DIY milk and honey conditioner made by YouTuber SofiaStyled.

Make sure to pop on a shower cap so you're not spreading the sweet goop all over the house, though.

Spring ahead -- and clean your sheets.

Catching the right amount of Zs means you'll look refreshed and spring-like, but your pillowcases may actually be holding you back.

You might be the cleanest of the crop, but face and hair oil build-up happens nightly, which means you're counting sheep in bacteria-filled covers. Gross.

We get you don't always have time (or access) to wash your pillowcases every night, but at the very least, make sure to wash them every few days.

If you really want to beat the system, stock up on a few sets so you can rotate.

Take your meal to go.

After the long, unforgiving winter, it'll be months before you want to see a bowl of ramen or a squash again.

Kickstart the spring with a sweet smoothie; soon enough, it'll be time for fruit stands and farmer's markets.

If you're not quite ready to go all green, transition into smoothie season with the help of Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth's PB&J Date Smoothie.

The sweetness is there, but the calories aren't.