OPI’s First Ever Neon Collection

OPI is known to be one of the more grown-up and refined nail polish brands available. Recently, however, the company has been changing it’s image and opening its doors to a wider demographic.

The Nicole by OPI line was created for the brand’s more eclectic and fun colors. Their latest collection? Two separate neon polish kits called Notorious! Neons and Scandalous! Neons.

Each box set includes four polish bottles, one of which is a white base coat that goes under the polish to enhance the brightness. The remaining three are a combination of pink, blue, green, fuchsia, orange or purple neon polish.

Each mini kit will set you back only $10 and can be found at any of your local drug stores. The Notorious! Neons box set includes one white base polish, green neon, fuchsia neon and orange neon.

The Scandalous! Neons box set includes one white base polish,  blue neon, purple neon and pink neon polish. Will you be trying these polishes for a summer manicure?

Photo Credit: Getty Images