Nigel Barker Gets Into Cosmetics

Nigel Barker, noted fashion photographer best known for his work on America’s Next Top Model, has just announced that he’s planning on getting into the cosmetics business. Barker plans on contributing his efforts towards two new cosmetics lines, which are both set to launch sometime in 2014.

Barker plans to work on these lines in conjunction with his wife, model and makeup artist Cristen Barker. Since Nigel excels in making people look good on camera, these makeup items will focus on making everyone look “camera ready.”

“After years of staring at people through a close lens, you get a really tight look at the skin and the face,” Barker told WWD.

Nigel and Cristen Barker will be developing both a higher end “prestige” cosmetics brand as well as a mass-market makeup line. Both collections will feature a significant skincare element, complete with toners, cleansers and face creams.

The first line, and more expensive of the two, will be called Beauty Equation. This collection will be aimed towards women in their mid-20s and older. It will include products such as vitamin-enhanced skincare products, eye shadows, lip-glosses and face kits. Prices are expected to start at approximately $25 for individual products.

The second, mass-market line, will be called BE Cosmetics, and will be more of a drugstore brand targeted at teenagers and younger shoppers. This line will not feature the same vitamins and botanicals as the higher-end version, but aims to create “a healthy environment for younger skin.”

Barker will shoot ad campaigns for these two lines, naturally, with packaging of the products featuring his photography, as well.

Photo Credit: Getty Images