Men Like Women With Curves

Summer is right around the corner, which means the Instagram photos are making an early debut. From fitness results to bikini pictures, all I've seen for the past two weeks are ribcages and flat butts. While our society has always praised the skin and bones look, I think it's time we retire it and bow down to reality. That's right ladies, this summer is about curves.

Men have repeatedly shown their devout love for a big ass... And that's not something you can get with starving yourself everyday until June.

Kim Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan. Who's sexier? Although she has been slammed for her growing pregnant body lately... Kim's curves are to die for! A body that can fill out a bikini and show off a womanly shape is far more attractive than the saggy-assed bottoms we see on the girls who strive to look like a tree branch.

There was a time period over the last few years where curves were simply considered "fat" and "unattractive." But in 2013, those ridiculous adjectives have been replaced with "sexy" and "confident." If you're lucky enough to have curves, show them off!

There's nothing wrong with eating healthy and exercising, it does tone our tummies and give us to-die-for legs. But when looking like the Olsen twins circa 2005 is your destination, you have to be snapped back to reality. Guys want thickness, it makes a woman just that much more feminine and attractive.

So put down the lettuce and enjoy that cheeseburger that you know you're craving. There's nothing wrong with having curves. Be confident, it will just make you that much more seductive while you walk the beach in a hot little bikini. (But not a childish yellow polka dot one, we're aiming for hip-hugging, not teddy-bear-hugging).

Oh and men -- you're welcome.

Lyndsay Reyes | Elite.