Women Are Protesting Makeup Shaming By Wearing It On Half Of Their Faces (Photos)


There's no shortage of "shaming" on social media.

Between fat shaming, skinny shaming and slut shaming, it's pretty obvious the Internet is full of haters who constantly find new and interesting ways to make everyone feel bad about themselves.

Cosmetics are the newest things to take center stage in the shaming spotlight, and now you can't even wear a little eyeliner without someone "makeup shaming" your selfies.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the body positive movement and I think it's important to be comfortable in your own makeup-less skin.

But you know what? Not all of us are blessed with a bare face that is Beyoncé-level flawless, and sometimes I just want to look like a smokey-eyed bombshell rather than a plain natural beauty.

Makeup shamers have become so fixated on the idea that women use makeup to cover up their insecurities that they've forgotten many of us like to get dolled up because it's creative and fun.

In response to makeup shaming, YouTuber NikkieTutorials recently made a video called "The Power Of Makeup" to let ladies know they shouldn't be ashamed of using makeup, and it's just "there for the days you want to look hella good."

Since then, #ThePowerOfMakeup has become a growing Instagram trend, and now, lots of fearless females are posting selfies inspired by her video that feature makeup on only one side of the their faces.

Take a look at the photos to see this new Instagram trend.

Lately, there's been a lot of buzz about "makeup shaming."

But vlogger NikkieTutorials wants women to know there's nothing wrong with wearing makeup.

In her latest video she only applies cosmetics to half of her face to show others the power of makeup...

Now, lots of ladies are following in her footsteps...

And posting their own half-makeup selfies on Instagram...

Along with the hashtag, #ThePowerOfMakeup.

These lovely ladies prove you can look beautiful with either a bold, done-up face...

Or a bare, makeup-less look.

They're using their two-faced selfies to challenge misconceptions of makeup...

And show others that women don't just use cosmetics to conceal their insecurities...

Or make themselves look good for men.

These gorgeous gals want all those makeup-shaming haters out there to know they wear makeup because it's fun...

And getting dolled up is a great way to be creative with your look...

Or give yourself a little confidence boost on the days you want to look extra flawless.

If you ask me, beauty runs far deeper than skin, with or without makeup.