The Lipstick Shade For Every Skin Tone

A red lip is perhaps the most well known and bold way to enhance your beauty look. Completely classic yet complicated at the same time, the red lip needs to be pulled off perfectly, in order for you to achieve that elegant look.

The biggest issue when finding the perfect red lip, is finding the shade for your skin tone. Many women are mistaken when they try the first color red that they can find. A red lip has to be specific to your skin tone in order to look perfect.

Finding the right shade of a color can be difficult, so you’re in luck. Zac Posen’s New York Fashion Week presentation on Sunday night featured a red lip that would look good on anyone. I know this, because the color looks flawless on every single one of Posen’s models.

The shade was more of a burgundy, but nonetheless, it was perfect. The color is Pro Burgundy lipmix from MAC Pro. Lipmix is a highly pigmented opaque cream used to mix and customize lipstick, and its results are perfect.

Purchase this shade of lipcolor at MAC stores for only $15.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images