LED Therapy For Your Acne

Must to the chagrin of women everywhere, acne does not actually stop once you leave your teenage years behind. If you have the tendency for acne, it can haunt you your entire life.

Topical treatments, prescription meds, and at home remedies can sometimes do nothing for your pesky little skin problem, which is why women everywhere were demanding for something more. Now, there is the possibility of utilizing LED light therapy as an in-office dermatologist procedure.

Blue and red LED lights are applied to your skin in a 30-minute and painless procedure. The blue light kills bacteria that causes acne, and the red light acts as an anti-inflammatory, helping your acne product in two different ways.

Another light therapy treatment is Photodynamic Therapy. A topical medication called Levulan is applied to your skin, and absorbed into your pores. Blue LED light is then applied to your skin, directly killing bacteria. The product Levulan also shrinks oil glands, meaning you get more long-term results.

LED light treatments can cost anywhere in the $250-450 price range. Contact your dermatologist for more details.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images