Kate Moss Might Bathe In Chanel, But These Are 5 Scents We'd Rather Wear

by Emily Arata

While you're slathering on cheap body lotion in an attempt to have skin like a baby's bottom, Kate Moss is marinating in Chanel No. 5.

In a December interview with Vogue UK, the 41-year-old icon dishes on life with husband Jamie Hince and opens up her glorious, eccentric home to the magazine's photographers.

Aside from revealing she uses a unicorn statue to hold doors open and has a nude photo of herself in the bathroom (natch), Moss also shares she spritzes the classic Chanel scent on her skin after bathing and before lounging in bed.

And that's not all, kids: Chanel No. 5 is so ordinary to Moss that if she's planning to go out, she'll wear other scents on top of it.

If you've ever wondered whether Eau de Kate smells like a combination of money, sweat and Chanel, there's your answer.

While Moss can afford to literally bathe herself in Chanel, we'll try for something a little more attainable. With that in mind, here are a few things we'd love to smell like.

Freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies

Moss famously said:

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

But is there any better smell in this world than melting chocolate? It has the power to turn even the stoniest heart into carb-craving mush.

Running an intense business meeting while giving off the faint scent of cookies would be easy, because everyone would be fighting a combination of the munchies and nostalgia for mom's kitchen.

Leathery, aged pages of your favorite book

Moss tells Vogue she collects coffee-table books as a hobby.

And while it's an admirable and expensive pursuit, imagine what it'd be like to give off the faint scent of your favorite novel.

You'll have no problem subconsciously attracting other bookworms.

Say bye-bye to the rogue dick pics on Tinder and hello to the smarty pants.

The Great Outdoors

In the coma-inducing cold, it's hard to remember what fresh, warm air even feels like.

Draw some inspiration from Moss: The model and her husband love to throw open the doors and windows of their stunning English estate.

Instead of slathering yourself in perfume, wouldn't it be nice if you could bottle the scent of a hike in Los Angeles or the air right before it rains?

It's an idea even the laziest of girls can get behind.

Early morning espresso

There's something so clean and sharp about the smell of a latte coming your way.

Moss, once branded "Cocaine Kate" in headlines, might rely on other kinds of pick-me-ups, but we're all for the intelligent scent of brewing beans.

If you smelled this caffeinated all day, every admirers' heart would beat a little faster.

New York Fashion Week, darling

Maybe it's the hundreds of Kate Moss paparazzi pictures stored in the depths of my brain, but nothing says glamour quite like Moss just stomping down the street in a black dress and leather jacket.

Now add in dozens of other models, each with her own signature fragrance and look.

Mix it with that underlying tangy note of sweat that comes from hot lights and hard work, and you have the scent of success. You could do worse than to mimic the scent of style.