Elite Reviews: Advanced Mineral Makeup

I have to admit, I’ve never been much of a foundation girl. I never felt like it was necessary (I’ve been blessed with amazing skin, thanks mom and dad) so I kind of always skipped over it when it came to purchasing makeup.

I have, of course, tried foundations before. Maybe it was the way that it felt that turned me off to the whole idea. I hate the heavy feeling of foundations, the way it can cake up and the way that it sometimes makes women (who don’t use it properly) look unattractive.

So when Advanced Mineral Makeup approached me with a press release on one of their products, I requested a sample to try. Advanced Mineral Makeup is a 100% natural mineral makeup line created by Makeup Artist Annie Mayo. I was drawn to the idea of this company because their foundations do not contain talc, perfumes, parabens, dyes or preservatives, making it healthy for your skin.

If you frequently read my beauty articles, you would know that I hate unnecessary chemicals or ingredients in products. The more natural the better. I was graciously sent the sample I requested, and tried it the next day. I’m not just saying this, because honestly, I wouldn’t review this product if I didn’t like it, but this is an amazing product.

I followed the instructions given, use 2-3 pumps of foundation and apply to your face with your fingertips, and the foundation honestly felt like a tinted moisturizer, but with more coverage. It blended so easily and feels like a second skin when on. My mother even commented on my skin, telling me that it looked “beautiful”.

I highly recommend this product to anyone, especially since it’s a completely universal line of makeup. This foundation was made for women of all ages, skin types and skin tones, so no one should feel restricted when looking to purchase this product.

If you’re interested in this product (which you so should be) head over to Advanced Mineral Makeup to learn more!

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images