Digital Makeup Mirror Lets You Virtually Try On Products Before Buying

The way we shop for makeup is about to be revolutionized, thanks to the ModiFace Mirror, a virtual makeup application tool.

The digital "mirror," designed by University of Toronto professor Dr. Parham Aarabi, combines facial recognition technology with a high-resolution camera to reflect the user's three-dimensional image onto the tablet-like device's screen.

Beneath the reflected image are menus for each feature -- eyes, lips, cheeks, skin -- and in those menus, there are thousands of sub-categories to further organize the virtual makeup application.

The software is programmed with thousands of different makeup styles and colors for each facial feature.

Also programmed in ModiFace's software, as Dr. Aarabi explains, is a “universal shade matching system,” which uses a scanner to detect a user's skin color and provide “instant recommendation[s] and preview of products that are completely personalized.”

The scanner can also be used to scan the color of items -- say, a favorite shirt -- to find a matching makeup shade.

Dr. Aarabi boasts,

Our patented glance-based recommendations are a game changer.

Tester Erica Tempesta agrees. After trying out the ModiFace Mirror, she reported being extremely impressed with the gadget's capabilities and accuracy.

She concluded that while she wouldn't rely on it as foolproof, the ModiFace Mirror would be great to use as a way to narrow down products -- specifically trickier ones like foundation -- before trying them on in real life.

The ModiFace Mirror made its official commercial debut last week, and Dr. Aarabi believes they will soon be a staple at cosmetic counters and specialty makeup stores.

Smartphone users can download an app version of the technology at the Apple Store.

The before-and-after, split-screen function allows users to compare two looks at once.

The facial recognition software ensures makeup is applied accurately and stays put even when the user moves.

The ModiFace Mirror has a built-in camera that reflects the user's image back in real-time, 3D video.

The camera's built-in scanner can detect a user's skin color and recommend products based on it.

There are thousands of makeup options programmed into the ModiFace Mirror, all of which are further customizable.

Shopping for makeup is about to become so much easier.

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