Diane Kruger To Be First Ever Face Of Chanel Skincare

Chanel skincare has been around for quite some time. Their high-end facial products are definitely worth the price, but there’s one thing that the line has been lacking: a spokeswoman.

Someone to intrigue women into wanting to buy the product. Chanel has a great advertising team on their side (just look at their ads in any luxury magazine), but has never really spent much time focusing on their skincare advertising, which is strange.

Chanel has since fixed the problem, by naming actress Diane Kruger as the first-ever face to represent their skincare line. Kruger has previously worked with Chanel, working as the face of their fragrance advertising campaign in 1998 and their handbag advertising campaign in 2007.

It was only natural that they would choose the beauty to represent their skin care line. I mean come on, she’s sophisticated, gorgeous, and has incredible skin. I couldn’t have pictured a better choice.

Well done Chanel, we can’t wait to see the campaign.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images