Crystal Renn Wants To Change The Sample Size


High fashion model Crystal Renn could be my new favorite model. Not because of her modeling abilities or the way that she looks, but because of the way that she feels.

Models and the issue of weight (or lack thereof) have been a heated discussion in the news ever since Organic Avenue offered juice cleanses at 50% off for fashion models during New York Fashion Week.

The initiative was put in place in an effort to keep models healthy during fashion week, but according to the Model Alliance founder Sara Ziff “64% of models had been asked to lose weight by their agencies, and that a significant number lost weight by going on these juice cleanses.”

Models have a skewed view of what a positive body image is due to these guidelines and Crystal Renn seems to have the idea on how to fix this issue. Renn would like to change the sample size from a size 0 to an 8.

“By having a size 8 sample, you are giving freedom to a designer. Most of the models are going to size 6s and 8s, and you could have 10s, and if a really amazing model walked in who was a size 0, you would tailor the dress down to her.,” said Renn.

Renn has been advocate for body issues in the past. Renn has felt the pressure to conform to super skinny model sizing standards and has written about her struggles with body issues such as anorexia in her memoir, "Hungry." She’s also been on the "Today Show" to talk about body image and has participated in a body love panel with Glamour.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images