Average Women Get Photoshopped To Look Like Models Only To Realize They Don't Like It At All (Video)


While many women dream of having their hair and makeup done professionally and given the Kim K photoshoot treatment, these women learned that the aftermath itself wasn't so inspirational.

Three "average" women were selected to spend a day being the cover girls whose looks they had long-coveted when turning the pages of fashion magazines. But the final Photoshopped photos were a disappointing surprise.

"Imperfections" were erased, wrinkles were magically made to disappear, and their curves were reduced to mirror the too-skinny figures of many models today.

Instead of being happy with their "improved" selves, the three women were upset that they had been reduced to a generic, impossible-to-achieve ideal.

The lesson was learned loud and clear — although it's easy to get caught up in a unrealistic beauty standard, it's much more rewarding to be a real person, flaws and all.

This clip proves that women are happier in the skin they're in.

H/T: Upinspire