5 Ways Every Girl Can Feel Beautiful Whenever She Wants

Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to wake up, smell the flowers and feel good about ourselves. Winter glum is a force that plagues far too many and regaining self-esteem, along with a fresh, positive attitude, can require quite the concerted effort.

But have no fear, below are five awesome ways to feel beautiful — no boyfriend required!

1. Give someone else a compliment and mean it.

Don't just give anyone a compliment — give someone a compliment that you know he or she will truly appreciate. The compliment doesn't have to be about aesthetics, it can be about something deeper than that. Compliment someone about his or her kindness or quick wit. Altruistic behavior without pretense can be surprisingly satisfying. If you grant someone else the power to feel good about him or herself, you will too.

2. Accentuate one of your features.

Pick out one of your features of which you feel most proud of and accentuate it! Pretend that your favorite feature is your secret weapon for feeling confident about important things like interviews or meetings. For some, the lips are a favorite feature, so they pick out a new lip color and rock it. My eyes are my favorite feature, so I always have mascara handy for a quick touch up. You can also pick a non-aesthetic feature, such as your love for a certain hobby.

3. Dress to impress yourself.

Too many women dress how in a way that they believe that men desire. Too often, we focus on what others find sexy rather than what we find to be appealing. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary anxiety about our appearances. Next time you go shopping, pick out clothes that YOU find appealing. If you feel that you look great, nothing else matters. It’s guaranteed that you will feel better about yourself if you’re wearing something that you have picked out. Of course, try not to get too carried away.

4. Treat yourself to something that makes you happy.

Every person has something that never fails to make him or her feel better. Maybe it's a song or maybe it's a favorite drink, either way, a little treat can go a long way. If you're feeling low, treat yourself to a frappe from the coffee shop or a manicure. Pick something little that makes you feel happy and instantly boosts your mood. Don't be afraid to treat yourself — you're totally worth it!

5. Get some exercise.

If you don't like something, then change it! Despite what most people think, exercise is an incredible anti-depressant. Also, exercise can give you an incredible endorphin high that will instantly make you feel better about yourself and give you a happy glow.

You will also be less critical of yourself after a workout because you will feel as though you did something worthwhile for your health. And, anything that makes you feel simultaneously less critical about yourself and happy is a fabulous thing!