8 'Basic B*tch' Necessities You Should Never Feel Guilty About Loving

by Michelle Santoyo
Warner Bros. Television

A basic bitch is typically considered a person – especially a female – who is boringly predictable or unoriginal. We all secretly love our basic bitch tendencies, so why is this term received with such negative connotations?

Who is the pretentious hipster who said being a basic bitch was a bad thing? Being a basic bitch is so underrated and great.

We should all embrace these inner basic bitch tendencies:

1. Brunch

Brunch is the absolute best because you get to sleep in and make your way over at 1 pm for a meal with your friends. You're guaranteed a therapy or gossip session.

There's also no need to pick between savory and sweet because ordering brioche french toast and sliders at brunch is perfectly acceptable. Where do I even begin with the bottomless mimosas? There is no greater thing on a hungover Sunday afternoon than being with your friends and an endless supply of champagne and OJ.

2. Uggs

I'm not saying they're easy on the eyes, but they are easy on your feet. Uggs have developed the notorious reputation for being both the staple shoe of basic bitches everywhere and for being ugly.

Sure, they aren't cute. But anyone who's ever tried on a pair can't deny their warmth and comfort. We wear Uggs for the same reasons your grandma wears Crocs. They're easy to throw on, and they feel like heaven on your feet.

3. Taylor Swift

Remember those "theres an app for that" commercials? Well, there's a Taylor Swift song for that. Taylor Swift is the essential basic bitch music staple.

You all can make fun of her for being the most famous basic bitch of all, but let a girl live. Throughout every crisis a basic bitch has faced, Taylor has been there.

4. Starbucks

While we're on the topic of Starbucks lovers, Starbucks is notorious for its pumpkin spice latte (PSL). This is the staple basic bitch drink, and all basic bitches rejoice at the arrival of their precious PSL each year.

Honestly, Starbucks in general is the perfect pick-me-up for any hardworking basic bitch. What else can give you the energy to get through a Monday morning and also serve as a great Instagram accessory?

6. "Sex And The City"

Before Lena Dunham's "Girls," there were Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. It's almost a basic bitch rite of passage to binge-watch the entire series.

It's even more of a rite of passage for every basic bitch to obsess over Charlotte's life and take endless quizzes named, "Which 'Sex And The City' Character Are You?"

Everyone may hate on the series now, but don't act like you haven't compared one of your past relationships to Carrie and Big's.

7. Wine

Wine usually means a girls' night in. What beats lounging around on the couch with your girls and several bottles of wine?

You don't have to understand wine to enjoy it (unless you're one of those annoying wine snobs). Wine is great because it makes you feel slightly less trashy for being wasted on a Wednesday.

8. Yoga Pants

They're typically from Lululemon or PINK: A basic bitch loves her yoga pants. Yoga pants are worn to school, the grocery store, brunch and (occasionally) that 10 am yoga class. They are one of the most comfortable things on earth (next to Uggs). Who has time for pants?

Embrace your inner basic bitch tendencies and own them. Who cares if 95 percent of the female population enjoys them too?

At the end of the day, do what you enjoy. Who cares what people say about it? Listen to your Taylor Swift album on repeat as you drive to Starbucks because what's worse than a basic bitch? Someone who tries too hard to be different.