It's About Checks, Not Cheeks! Why Banging Your Boss Is Never A Good Idea

by Kat Estrada

There is something so alluring about a man in a suit equipped with authority.  He comes at you with directions and commands and suddenly he's Christian Grey and you’re his Anastasia.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to rip his clothes off and ravish him in a not so public place, unless that not so public place happens to be his office.  You know, the one right next to yours... because he's your boss.

Look, male or female, some of us just have a thing for people in a power position.  This healthy attraction is fine, unless the person in that position is the one who just so happens to hold the power to sign your paycheck every week.  Let me tell you from experience that acting on this attraction only causes issues.  I know some of you think that it might work because both parties are consenting adults and the like, but stay the f*** away from that person!!!

In my case, I was working at a restaurant and it was my manager that I fell hard for.  He had a girlfriend and everything, but I was relentless about letting him know how much I wanted him to bend me over his desk, pull my hair, and call me a dirty whore.  He was incredibly masculine, well dressed, chiseled features, body of a Greek God - you get the picture.  I spent many nights staring at him like a psychopath hoping that he would grab my hand and lead me into the freezer to melt the ice cubes.  Then one night it happened...

I saw him out with a few friends and after several drinks, we went back to his place and had some of the most incredible kinky sex I had had that year.  I thought; "Holy s***!  I totally made my boss my booty call!  We're gonna have so much fun doing the whole - 'I know and you know, but they don't know' looks of passion and bits of conversation.

We're going to be each others naughty little secrets!"  Unfortunately, this was a complete delusion.  Things became extremely awkward at work.  We hardly even made eye contact with each other after that night.

We began to argue over the smallest of things and it would always end with me silently weeping in the employee bathroom wondering why he had turned into such a jerk.  Eventually, I ended up quitting because it had become such a hostile environment and had to find work elsewhere even though I had been so happy where I was.

I recently heard that he's getting married, and all that was going through my head was the fact that he had only thought of me as a one night stand and I'm almost completely sure I wasn't the only one.

Moral of the story - don't bang your boss.  It can only lead to drama that you definitely don’t need right now.  This is especially true if you really need that job to pay off your student loans or that credit card debt you accumulated in college from buying way too much coconut water and organic almonds. But remember, if all else fails and you simply cannot resist, at least you'll have a story to tell.

Photo credit: USA Networks