Ayesha Curry Gave Us The Best Advice On Being A Millennial Mom

by Kate Ryan

On Thursday, while shooting an "Eat with Elite" video, Elite Daily had the chance to sit down with Ayesha Curry to talk about what it means to be a Millennial mom juggling so many goals.

Let's get this out of the way right out the gate: Ayesha may be one of the coolest women ever.

She's the kind of mom and person you aspire to be, not only because of her meteoric rise to fame, but also because she's such a humble, kind-hearted person. All I have to say is Steph Curry is one lucky dude.

On how she manages to do it all, Ayesha told Elite Daily,

I think I'm still trying to figure out that balance, because it is so fresh and new. But the biggest thing that I had to learn was that I was very prideful about my motherhood; I wanted to take on everything by myself. I realize that it really does take a village, and so, whenever I can have a helping hand, I can. And that kind of presents peace of mind for everybody and for both the kids, so I'm not stressed out all the time... Also, relinquishing more duties to my husband. He helps out a lot, he helps out when he can. He travels a lot, but when he's home, he's home with the kids, so it's really nice. He's a good daddy.

Whenever we mentioned her husband, Steph, Ayesha lit up. It's obvious these two are meant to be, and part of being effective parents, as Ayesha pointed out, is being a good team.

When asked whether she goes to every home game, she added,

For the most part, unless I'm sick or have some sort of work obligation, I'm usually there.

That sounds like a full-time job in itself, which still left us with the question, how does she manage so many schedules and conflicting events?

I usually leave for the games at six in the evening, then we don't get back home until eleven o'clock. I used to bring the kids with me to every single game -- well, Riley, when she was a baby -- and that was just not good for anybody. And so now I kind of do it where, if it's a weeknight, she's in preschool so she has to stay home and go to bed at a decent hour. And then on weekends, I'll bring them.

When asked if she travels with her husband to away games, Ayesha explained,

No. So, I traveled a bit before we had kids, but now that we have kids, it's like a whole different ballgame -- no pun intended. I pick the fun cities, to be completely honest. So, like, Miami. For a couple of years, New Year's fell in Miami, so of course I would go there and we would bring the new year together there. Then LA because it's so close. And then our hometown, Charlotte. When I can, [I'll go to] Toronto, but I've missed a couple of years.

Beyond her and her husband, Ayesha and Steph's children are becoming stars in their own right. When asked how she keeps her children so grounded Ayesha said,

Well, they're so little, so they don't really know what's going on yet. But with Riley, I think it's more so not shedding light on what's happening around her and just letting her be a kid -- and not sweating the small stuff. That's the biggest thing for me is not to let the small things [get to me]. Mind you, they do get to me often, but trying to remind myself not to let it get to me I think is the biggest thing.

We also asked if she had any tips specifically for Millennial moms, even moms who only have fat chihuahuas. She started by giving this writer a little dog-mom credit.

First of all, dogs are really hard to take care of. I know firsthand because we have a Labradoodle who thinks he -- his name's Reza -- he thinks he's the size of a teacup Yorkie. But he's not. He's huge and he barrels around the house. Dogs are hard.

That being said, Ayesha added,

I think for me as a Millennial mom -- as you can see here -- we're always trying to do a million things at once. So I think it's important to take that time to disconnect, whether it be from social media or your phone or whatever, just to be present and be in the moment. It's easy to get lost in stuff like this. So, I think it's just taking that time -- especially when you have kids -- to get down and play with them, be with them and experience something with them.

It's clear, as Ayesha notes, that this generation of kids will be raised on modern technology we elders never had growing up.  On modern tech and the future of children, Ayesha said,

It's crazy. I think, for one thing, I don't want to shield them from it because it's their future. It's going to become a part of what they need to know how to do in order to succeed in life and find a good job and the whole thing. But, the funny story is that I grew up on Spice Girls. So [first off], YouTube is such a crazy thing. We were in the car the other day and [Riley] asked me to play Spice Girls. And I was like, how do you know what Spice Girls are? She loves them! And it's because of YouTube. She found some video and then kept playing the song over and over again. She asked my best friend Sherane, 'Sher Bear do you know who the Spice Girls are?' And she said, 'You're asking me if I know who the Spice Girls are?' It's just crazy they have access to everything. It's a little bit daunting, but at the same time it's awesome they have so much that they can learn from and experience.

Which brings us to our last question for Ayesha: Did you ever play Spice Girls as a kid? And if so, which Spice Girl did you play all the time?

Oh my gosh, yeah! So it depended which group of girls I was in. At school, I was Scary Spice. Cause I had the hair and everything and I was, like, the lone black girl of my group. So I was automatically Scary Spice. [She laughs.] But at home, I have two sisters and countless cousins, so they would always try and make me be Sporty Spice because I didn't have any boobs.

At this point, we all erupted into laughter. We've all been there, am I right, ladies? Ayesha went on,

And so, I would get mad and work my way into becoming Baby Spice because I loved Baby Spice. Oh my god, it was a whole thing. So, yeah, I bounced from Spice Girl to Spice Girl.

As a devoted mom, talented chef, skilled businesswoman and lifelong Spice Girls fan, could Ayesha Curry be any more perfect? I don't know how it'd be humanly possible. Talking to her, it additionally became clear that you don't have to do it all to be a modern Wonder Woman, you just have to do you.

Be sure to pre-order her cookbook, "The Seasoned Life," before it hits bookstores on September 20. You can also make some of Ayesha's favorite recipes today by checking out her website.

Oh, and trust me when I say this woman knows what she's doing in the kitchen. I tried some of her lemon ginger chicken and cranberry pistachio chocolate bark for lunch and they were the food equivalent of half-court buzzer beaters. Swish.