This Video Totally Challenges Gender Stereotypes And Beauty Standards

You are beauty and beauty is perfection.

That's the slogan of the Orwellian Big Sister Machine that's prominent in a new ad by revolutionary doll maker GoldieBlox, which aims to put aside the pink in lieu of girls pursuing their dreams.

If you recognize the name, it's because the company's made headlines in the past.

Last year, GoldieBlox released a provocative ad showing young girls building a Rube Goldberg machine using only pastel pink, "girl" toys.

As we near the push for Christmas gifts, GoldieBlox aims to publicize the release of its new female action figure, a blonde-haired "girl inventor" who even comes with a pair of denim overalls and a zipline.

The only thing better than the doll is her tagline,

Other dolls are built for fashion, Goldie is built for action.

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