Awesome College Gymnast Keeps Scoring Perfect 10s With Her Incredible Floor Routine (Video)

You don't meet too many women who are that "perfect 10," but Louisiana State University gymnast Lloimincia Hall pretty much can't score anything else less.

In her past four college meets, she's earned perfect 10s across the boards from the judges. For all of us who love watching these crazy-talented women compete in the Olympics, we know how rare that is.

But when Hall performs, it's easy to see why the judges can't give her anything else — not only does she execute each move expertly with both power and grace, but she's so freaking enthusiastic about flipping and tumbling and contorting her body into these almost unhuman positions.

This girl makes gymnastics look cool -- half of her moves could just as easily be debuted at the club instead of the mat.

The crowd can't help but love her, and we do too.

H/T: Jezebel