Archbishop Says True Americans Don't Want Women's Contraceptives To Be Covered By Health Insurance

Oh look! It's another old white dude talking about birth control who has no idea about birth control (or women's bodies, for that matter).

Today's ignorant comment on contraceptives comes to you from New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan. This top Catholic Church official is claiming that those who want to deny women insurance coverage for birth control (the much talked-about Hobby Lobby) are "true Americans."

Dolan is clearly confused, though, because he believes that all women have to do to get contraceptives is walk down to the local corner store.

Dolan said:

"By Lord, all you have to do is walk into a 7-11 or any shop on any street in America and have access to them."

Dolan clearly hasn't read the Elite Daily Female Toolkit because these days, women have a lot more options than just the condom for preventing pregnancy.

And unfortunately for women who are simply trying to guard themselves against unwanted pregnancies, methods like the IUD and birth control pills are not available at our corner convenience store.

But thanks for the wonderful idea, Dolan! After Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby is hopefully settled in women's favor later this year, we should work on making these already-paid-for contraceptives even more available to the female public.

H/T: Salon, Photo Credit: Getty Images